Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor unlikely to arrive in 2016

Ubisoft’s upcoming games, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and For Honor are unlikely to arrive in 2016 after the developer and publisher declined to confirm whether or not the two games would be releasing next year.

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Relientk771196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

So Ubisoft announcing games early again. 2017-2018 it is

Edit: I hope at next E3 Ubisoft comes out with a sketch pad and notebook paper and is like we started drawing characters for a new game, it might come out before 2025

SnotyTheRocket1195d ago

Oh, so because it's Ubisoft, it's uncool to do what literally every other publisher/studio has done as well. The hate continues. Still not over Watch Dogs?

AngelicIceDiamond1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

@Snoty Ubisoft so far has been notorious for doing it. The Division now has a release date after 3 E3 showings. WD also had 3 E3 showings until its released. You see the trend with Ubisoft in particular?

Its not hate its pure facts. This Ghost Recon: Wildlands looks to be the sickest GR game yet. But it won't be out until maybe what, spring or holiday 2017?

For Honor is one of my most anticipated games so far. According to Ubisofts track record we won't be seeing it until 2018...

Like I said no hate just facts.

the_hitman30001195d ago

2014 imo was a terrible year for Ubisoft. Of course people aren't the happiest with them. And just so you know watch dogs was my favorite from them last year. Fc4 being really close though. Regardless they have been slipping recently.

slate911195d ago

LMAO @ edit +funny hahahaha

Crimzon1195d ago

Come on guys, you gotta give 'em time for all those downgrades.

Adexus1196d ago

It's the middle of June 2015, why would they give out a release date this early? It's really not worked out well for them in the past lol, well most developers these days I suppose.

spacedelete1195d ago

same thing goes for Shenmue 3 and Final Fantasy 7 which both won't be releasing until 2017 companies need to follow Bethesda on how to announce a game. a game should take no longer than 6 months to release after its announced.

EDKICK1195d ago

Yea square Enix is still the worst with this FF15 probably won't even come out 2016, KH3 is looking like 2017 maybe, FF7 remake is 2017 at the earliest

kupomogli1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )


FF7 will be 2025. It'll release one year before FF16 and include a teaser trailer of FF19 to day one buyers. It'll also include a DLC code to revive Aerith which we will find out was included on disc along with the season pass content, which unless you buy new you can't revive Aerith unless you buy the season pass for $40. The season pass which will include a Sephiroth campaign showing the origins story and 97 different costumes for NPCs in Gold Saucer. It's included on disc for people with crappy internet, forget the fact that it was developed before release.

The future of video games.

jay21195d ago

Doesn't maean a thing, it's best to actually have a window/day you know you can stick to, you've got 8 months for it to come out, just wait till e316, you'll get 1 of the games in oct/nov just watch.

TheNew11195d ago

The Division is the only Tom Clancy game I need from them next year.

mEGUSTO1195d ago

someones actually excited for that game?

TheNew11195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Sorry that I have a different opinion than yours.

kupomogli1195d ago

I honestly don't see why you got a disagree. The Division saw a pretty noticeable downgrade same as literally every major Ubisoft game. I've learned not to trust anything Ubisoft releases until the game gets an official release date and it's months away from releasing.

The only reason I'm no longer interested in The Division isn't because of the downgrade though, it's because we have no idea how the game progresses. Are you just going from area to area looting stuff? Is there actually an objective? From everything they've shown we have no idea what we'll actually do other than wander aimlessly and loot.

I know Tom Clancy Wildlands will get a major downgrade as well, but I'm definitely hyped for that one. It's like the diversity of Just Cause 2's world, mixed with GTA, mixed with stealth and gun mechanics that don't suck :P, mixed with four player online co op on all missions. Game is going to be amazing.

Lamboomington1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )


In 2012 and 2013, we got showings of games from Ubisoft running on HIGH END PC, BEFORE consoles came out.Consoles came out later, and weren't as powerful as devs estimated, so what do you expect them to do ? I find it hilarious how many people expect PS4 footage of The Division to look as good as the game running 2 years ago on some monster PC.

So many people blaming Ubisoft as if they downgrade all their games. Then why not blame CDPR for downgrading the Witcher 3 ? Regardless of how good the game was, you realize that they had the biggest visual downgrade of all those games ? It's common sense really. Do people want console versions running at 10fps ? It's not downgrade, it's called optimization.

This E3 was basically Ubisoft being honest. It showed both The Division and For Honour running on PS4 ! Not some monster PC.

Literally the only place 'downgrade' makes sense is on the PC, where you have the ability to leave those high end OPTIONS available without crippling performance for everyone. In this case, Watch Dogs is the only Ubisoft game so far that has been downgraded. Evidence ? Working options for things like dynamic headlight shadows were disabled on PC for no good reason. Modders enabled them.
How many people watching console footage and saying retarded things like "They spend years making the game look worse". I'm like "No, you idiots, they spend years making it run on target hardware" If that means gimping graphics features, then they have to do it. 30fps stable is waaaay more important, any console gamer will agree with this.

Everyone saying "Ubisoft suck, they downgraded The Division". Um, no, actually. You don't know that. What you saw this E3 was PS4 footage. It was Ubisoft being honest. Or do people actually expect PS4 footage to look as good as some $2000 PC footage while still running at 30fps ?
If the PC version of The Division has been heavily gimped, and high end OPTIONS have been taken out, then one can say that the game is downgraded. All that said, I think it is quite likely that there is a downgrade on the PC version, based on Watch Dogs PC version.

Showing a high end PC version running before consoles come out. Later showing console version, and it doesn't look as good. Sorry, but that does not warrant any hate towards Ubisoft. While that might indicate that the PC version has also been gimped, and hence there is probably a downgrade, it does not show a downgrade in itself.

I think the AC Unity buggy mess is also contributing to all this, when it shouldn't, because downgrade specifically is a different thing.

_-EDMIX-_1194d ago

@Lamboo- "So many people blaming Ubisoft as if they downgrade all their games. Then why not blame CDPR for downgrading the Witcher 3 ?"

I actually agree with that. Many gamers seem to take sides and instead of getting mad at the act, they seem to pick and choice who is ok to do it and who is not allowed to.

Both the situations suck and could have been avoided simply by just stating it was an early build and that it wasn't 100% representation of what would be playable at final release.

Even situations regarding DLC....

CDPR is a great team, they are doing a fine job with DLC, but they are not doing anything new that other developers before them have never done, yet it seems many are praising the DLC for the Witcher 3 and some of those same folks are the ones who are bashing other companies for doing the exact same thing.

Example. DICE, they've given free DLC for the whole BF series along with paid maps.

CDPR is giving free DLC along with paid maps.....

Why are the same folks making it seem as if its some brand new concept when many publishers have been doing this since even before CDPR even entered gaming?

I think its great that CDPR is doing such a fine job with post launch content, but I also think DICE, Rockstar, Bethesda, Ubisoft, even Rocksteady all do fine jobs with their post launch content.

I feel its perception, its no different then when Nintendo started doing DLC, many folks where up in arms praising the concept and it was like.....

So you never saw Forza do this? GT do this? any racing game do this? They all had some sort of DLC, free and paid...yet apparently "Nintendo is doing it right" yet the "it" is what many developers have already been doing for years and years.

Smash Bros adding characters is new to THEM, Namco, Capcom, MS, its not some new concept, they've sorta been doing that for years.

I feel its legit just perception. The reality is, Witcher 3 had a slight downgrade, regardless of the degree of the happened.

Watchdogs downgrade.

Witcher 3 downgrade.

Does that mean Watchdogs 2 will be a downgrade? Does that mean Wildlands and For Honor will be downgrades?

....well does that mean Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be a downgrade?

Why is it that one would apply such stupid logic to such a thing?

Sooooo are we just going to ignore that both companies responded about the situation? Please...N4G, research, stop assuming based on comments what will or won't be true. Just look up what those companies have stated. To say "Downgrade" is to also say you've not been up to date on either companies responses. So never mind what someone on N4G is telling you might happen to the game....look up the damn response by the company your self to see. I question the logic of many on N4G just based on many don't seem to look up much news outside of the site or even the comments themselves.

mEGUSTO1195d ago

some peoples opinions are "fisting 8 year olds is just great!" opinions aren't exempt from being shitty and wrong

isarai1195d ago

So how does them not have arelease window yet mean it's not coming out next year?

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