What do Rocksteady make after Batman Arkham Knight? Stick, Twist or Fold?

A look at the options Rocksteady have now they are moving on from the Batman Arkham Games. Do they stay in the same universe or move on to more DC or something of their own creation?

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Hoffmann1293d ago

Batman : Arkham Beyond

Batman: Arkham Racers
Batman: Arkham Fighters
Batman: Arkham Runners

ThichQuangDuck1293d ago

Seems people have no sense of humor

Hoffmann1293d ago

Or they just fear the possibility of Batman: Arkham Runners hehe

RpgSama1293d ago

A new IP please. Would love to see what rocksteady can do with a new IP.

DillyDilly1293d ago

They practice making PC games

the_hitman30001293d ago

I really hope green arrow, flash or superman get a game from them soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.