Recommended PS4 racing wheel and pedal sets for Driveclub Playstation Plus Edition

Game Idealist's list of recommended racing wheel and pedal sets to play DriveClub Playstation Plus Edition.

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rainslacker1199d ago

I wouldn't recommend the T80. I brought one last week until I'm ready to upgrade to a really nice wheel, and while it's overall sufficient for the extremely casual racer, I found it really lacking.

It's slightly nicer than a controller, and overall has a smooth rotation, but drifting courses suck with it, it has a very limited turn radius making sharp turns in races where you want to drift hard, and since when you mess up at all in DC your car goes flying all around the track like a balloon in the wind, it makes it hard to correct within just doing a course reset...which just puts you in last place due to the way the AI is set up.

On top of that, the L2/L3/R2/R3 buttons are right above where you should grip the wheel, so I often would accidently go into camera mode while making turns. I tried to reassign the buttons to put the handbrake onto one of these buttons, but it didn't seem to work.

I ended up returning the wheel, because it just wasn't worth the $99. Even if you want a cheap wheel instead of a controller, it's just not worth up the money for a nicer one.

I'll probably just end up waiting until GT7 comes out, and weigh my options then...or wait for some reviews of the G29 when it releases next week.

InTheZoneAC1199d ago

steering wheels are generally used for sim racers in cockpit view, not for people that play driveclub in 3rd person view...

I would imagine any wheel would do just fine with this game because it's not a sim racer, but why not just use a controller?

GearSkiN1199d ago

People on arcade use 3rd person playing a racing game, it really depends on how you play a game.

rainslacker1198d ago

I prefer chase cams myself. Cockpit view I actually find it harder to see what's going on around me, and where exactly my car is in a turn, or when coming up to a turn. Unfortunately, in my experience, cockpit view has never really given the true view of what it's like behind a wheel of a car, because you just can't see anywhere close to what you can in a real car. I guess it's like they use too narrow a focal length on the camera...which is probably the best way I can think to describe it. Basically, all they're doing is moving the camera, then putting an overlay on top of everything. I don't mind cockpit views for open cockpit cars like F1 racers, because the view isn't obscured.

Driveclub itself works fine with a wheel. My friend has the T300, and it's a decent wheel, just not worth the money they want for it though. I don't really have much trouble playing the game at his house using the wheel. For me, when I'm ready to drop money on a new wheel set up, I'm going to get my moneys worth, and I have no problem dropping a pretty penny to get something good, because I do love racing games of all sorts.

The controller in DC is not a great choice, although sufficient enough if you're patient. The handling of the cars is way too loose, and the cars lose control way too easily compared to a real car. Arcade racer or not, they need to work on that better, as there is no reason a car should go wildly out of control because they happen to grace the grass, or more often than not, one of the AI cars decides to just slam you out of nowhere while they keep moving on. Honestly, I did this in Gran Turismo to AI cars to make up time on harsh turns.:) Doesn't work in DC, which is fine as it does require skill, but light rubs or touching the grass, or going up on the red and white bumpers more often than not results in getting into last place because it's next to impossible to correct the car, and only seems to get worse when you try.

The controller is sufficient if you're really patient with adjusting to the sensitivity of the analog sticks. Even when I tried the T80, it was better than a controller for normal handling, it was just extremely lacking for those tricky turns where you might want to drift or weave gracefully between a few of your opponents, or weave your way around those slight s type curves. It still gave more precision than the controller ever did. For drift trials I would stop using the wheel and just go to the controller though.

olLANDSHARKlo1199d ago

I have a T80 for PS4 driveclub and Project cars, I have the Logitech force feedback for PC project cars. The T80 at $300 cheaper gives me times as good or better than the Logitech $399 wheel. The T80 is great.

thecowsaysmoo1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

There is no point for a steering wheel for the PS4 because it doesn't have forza.

objdadon1199d ago

Thank god it doesn't . GT all day!

thecowsaysmoo1199d ago

Forza not only scores better, but releases more ofter. Sorry, back to playing drive club..... ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahh aah I'm sorry, I couldn't hold it in.

rainslacker1198d ago

GT also has about as much content as any 3 forza releases. We don't really need one every year, because one will keep you busy for at least 2...probably longer if your a casual gamer. Heck, I'm still working my way through GT5, and not even close to tackling GT6 past the halfway point yet.

pop_tarts1199d ago

Forza is a piece of garbage. It's cuts corners to release it's games at 1080p 60fps. It took them 6 FM games, not including FH, to come out with weather. Even their night racing is horrible because it's not full day/night cycle. Still waiting for dirt tracks too. The only thing Forza has over GT is car customization, but I for one have painted my car like a clown vehicle because I buy race games to race.

thecowsaysmoo1199d ago

Oh really? Is that why forza scores better than GT?

spacedelete1199d ago

GT is almost at 7 main games and still hasn't got decent car engine sounds and still doesn't have any proper damage physics. the fact they call it the real racing sim is a complete joke.

GearSkiN1199d ago

Lol this guy said forza is garbage, you made me laugh.

pop_tarts1190d ago

To all of you saying GT is the lesser game then stick with a scaled back game that is ok for a 2 year old. Gran Turismo produces real race car drivers. It's simulated with snow, rain, ice, dirt/gravel, and pavement along with day and night cycle. We can throw scores around all day, but the fact is GT is a better game. Forza's "damage" is cosmetic and looks horrible. Sims that do a good job in this department are PCars and BeamNG. But sound engines will be improved if that's your only complaint. All I care about is GT be a good game for me and so far they all have.

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metalgod881199d ago

If the ps4 supported more wheels, then articles like this wouldn't be necessary. Come on sony, Get with the times.

pop_tarts1199d ago

It's not Sony at fault, it's the companies behind the wheels. Thrust master made their wheels compatible with the ps4,logitech did not.

metalgod881198d ago

Either way Pop_Tarts, (awesome name btw) its the gamers who have to pay the ultimate price if they want to play a racing game with a wheel on a ps4. IMO, its not worth it. If I can play racing sims on the pc with my current wheel, then whatever. I'm not dishing out another 300 bucks just to play 2 games, one of which I have on pc.

rainslacker1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

The G27 actually does mostly work, but stops working after like 8 minutes or something. It seems to me, that while Sony isn't responsible for getting peripheral makers to support wheels, they could enable the use of older wheels by removing the security chip requirement. It's obviously just a firmware thing if it's able to recognize the wheel, and understand it's inputs. Wouldn't hurt if Logitech actually cared about supporting their "legacy" devices which you could still buy new just 3 years ago.

From my understanding, there are more choices than these three that work on the PS4. I haven't really looked into it yet though, and most of them don't have full functionality since they aren't actually designed for PS4.

gamerz1199d ago

So true. Sony is fleecing their most loyal customers by not supporting officially licensed Gran Turismo wheels. Anyone looking to buy a new wheel needs to consider it probably won't work on the Playstation 5 and factor that into the price.

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