The Witcher 3 patch 1.07 may miss this week's release

Even though CD Projekt Red said patch 1.07 should be released this week, they may have hinted at its delay just a few days ago.

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FoxyGotGame1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Then maybe CDPR could include the regular DLC with it. Even though I've completed the main quest and much of the side quests, still would be nice. /

Skate-AK1249d ago

Wow. Those are a lot of bugs. Don't get how they made it through QA.

Gwiz1249d ago

QA is not what it used to be,look at many releases from the last year alone.

TheSaint1249d ago

There is QA though, it's just you have to pay them $60 for the privilege of being an unpaid bug finder.

MeteorPanda1249d ago

no they are fixing the imortal horse: jump off cliffs and land on feet fine.

How else will l cut time in skrellige??

soulsx1249d ago

Yesss finally fixed that blurred quality textures on sone places on consoles.

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