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Rocket League can be summed up in a few words: soccer with cars. However, this title by Psyonix is much more than a typical game of soccer. Rocket League is the successor to the PlayStation 3 cult-hit Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars and just as the name implies is addictive and a blast to play! The game may seem simple at first, but once you delve into the experience it is hard to put down and offers a layer of complexity that is refreshing to see. -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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TheLoCoRaven1196d ago

Only review you need is that I haven't be able to go to sleep before 2-3am since this game came out.

scark921196d ago

My Car is a Wizard .. 10/10

ZeoZan1196d ago

this is really fun game.

RpgSama1196d ago

But how can this game be good? not only is Free for Ps+ but it's also an indie!!! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!! (Heavy on the Sarcasm)

I'm having a blast playing this game, so, so fun, it's incredible that this kind of game it's a Free day one release for Ps+

TheLoCoRaven1196d ago

I've been waiting to buy this game Day 1 since the beta. Its easily worth the $20. Now that I got it for free on PS+, I'll probably actually get all the DLC to support the game. I don't normally buy DLC often.

Khajiit861196d ago

If you havent played this game yet... WTF ARE YOU WAITING FOR????

This is the most fun game I have played in a while. Servers are down atm and I am just playing single player all day waiting for them to go back up.

TheLoCoRaven1196d ago

My only issue with single player is that I'm way too good for Rookie, and not sure if I'm good enough yet for Pro. I did finish 5th though last Pro season I played though . . . and I had a better record than 4th place. Still don't understand why I wasn't 4th at the end of the season.

Sketchy_Galore1195d ago

It's a shame this game has had the issues it's had with its menus and servers because if it was working exactly as planned it would be damn near perfect for the type of game it is. It's just pure fun.

If I HAD to pick another flaw it's that the AI can be a little iffy at times too. I literally had one of my teammates drive the ball the entire length of the pitch into my goal without being chased or anything. Still the game feels loose and partyish enough that it's hard to get genuinely angry at your dopey teammates, plus once the servers are working it'll most likely be me making my teammates angry with my idiotic moves anyway.