Mojang Head: No Reason Minecraft Is Not On Wii U And 3DS, Just Has Not Happened Yet

Mojang COO Vu Bui is interested in bringing the game to everything.

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christocolus1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

I've always wondered why MC was never released on Nintendo platforms..I think both WiiU&3ds will be great platforms for minecraft.

herbs1293d ago

If the Wii U launched with Minecraft and it utilized the Gamepad it would have taken off like the Wii too bad Nintendo has become so out of touch with the industry and 3rd parties.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1293d ago

so out of touch?

How so when previous reason for Minecraft because devs had no interest

Nosred1293d ago

That game sells well in Japan, get to the Nintendo consoles would attract a much larger audience.

LazerShark1293d ago

It really would be truly epic with good GamePad integration.

I have it on the PC, and did not buy it on any other paltform - but WILL 100% get it for the U if it utilizes the GamePad.

curtis921293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

ah yes, nintendo fans' obsession with looking down at another screen to do things they could otherwise do while looking at one screen. I always found it funny how much you all have convinced yourselves that by looking down at another screen quite often that you're somehow getting a better experience. It's puzzling. Personally if every time I opened a chest or checked my inventory or crafted something I had to look down at a gamepad, I'd make it my number one piority to disable that annoying feature and have it where I could do everything on one screen.

And to you specifically, LazerShark, you'd rather have a gimped, old gen version of minecraft with vastly smaller levels than current-gen, all so you could look away from your main screen time and time again. That literally makes NO sense.

Summons751293d ago

Yeah, it's wrong for Nintendo fans to want that but Sony and MS are looking and finding ways to have second screen experiences and that's perfectly okay....PC players can hook up a few screens, and that's okay. Nintendo sees this going on and makes it a functional part of the system and it's horrible....what a hypocrite.

LazerShark1293d ago

First of all, on my PC I use Surround, and will never go back to a single monitor solution.

Second, Minecraft is not a system intensive game. It runs on systems that have a GMA 900/Celeron combo, with 1GB of RAM.

Third, the GamePad adds quite a lot for games that are designed to use it.

Fourth, stop it with the personal attacks or spouting off nonsense that you know nothing about.

rjason121293d ago

And that's why in most games you can turn it off or don't use it, I don't see why people act like you're FORCED to use it in EVERY game. While there are SOME games that you are forced to use it, it's not every game.

EliteGameKnight1293d ago

The Fallout 4 limited edition Pipboy is pretty cool huh?...

Companies have been trying to include second screen support for a while now. Ubisoft did it with their Watchdogs game and are going to do it with their Division game with that drone thing. If I'm not mistaken, EA has that mobile app for their sports games, Microsoft had that glass thing, Sony have their Vita controller, and now Bethesda is doing it too. It's a gaming trend and not really exclusive to Nintendo, the difference being that since the gamepad is packaged with Wii U it's almost compulsory for companies to utilize it. Many Wii U owners, including myself, are fond of the feature, though I am in favor of more options for those people who don't want to utilize it. Granted not every game shoves it down your throat.

BenRage31293d ago

It never ceases to amaze me how obsessive Nintendo trolls are. Why do people who dislike Nintendo even bother to read and write comments on these articles? Your unfiltered hatred toward the company says more about you than it does about "obsessive fanboys." But I don't expect you to understand that. I'm glad N4G gave us an ignore button.

N4g_null1293d ago

@Ben_Rage_3 it has to be marketing firms... internet based ones then the lemmings just join in. Some of these people don't even sound like gamers.

marloc_x1293d ago

Gamepad seems like a natural crafting table..

1293d ago
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stuna11293d ago

At this point it probably won't appear on the WII U, for a number of reasons, 1 being a NX version being in development. I however can see a DS version in the near future considering the DS lucrative sales.

LazerShark1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

As much as I hate to say it, I think you're partially right.

But the game is not in development for the NX yet. If Gearbox doesn't have their NX dev kit yet, I doubt these guys would.
Source: earbox-software-might-be-trying -to-kill-the-nx-s-first-year-mo me

Having said that, I still hope it hits the Wii U. The potential with the GamePad is amazing.

FallenAngel19841293d ago

Nintendo hasn't shown much interest in joining the Minecraft craze

AKR1293d ago

You really think so? I'll just leave this here...

Dunban671292d ago

I read the article- Myamoto said nice things about Minecraft just like Iwata- the fact is virtually every other gaming platform has managed to get Minecraft EXCEPT Nintendo- If they had seriously wanted Minecraft they would have had it by now

Dunban671293d ago

I agree they have not shown interest and I think it is a much bigger mistake then they realize- Considering the Family/youth demographic is so important to Nintendo, not having Minecraft on their platforms has and is becoming a "deal killer" for kids and the parents purchasing platforms for them to play it on

Look at the most recent sales # s for Lego Jurasic Park- PS4, XB1, PS3, XB360 all sold ALOT more copys of that game than the Wii U- Yet previous Lego game iterations earlier in the Wii U life span sold comparativly well against those same consoles (I don t think a Wii version of Jurasic park was made)

I have a 9 yr old Son and he and his friends are all about Minecraft- The next console i buy for our household will need to have it - previously and present time we have only had Nintendo consoles in our household but if the Wii U or NX does not get it/have it then that will no longer hold true

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