Top 20 Core PC Games of the Last 12 Months

MWEB GameZone writes: The stats reveal it all: which is played more; ‪Dota 2‬ or ‪League of Legends‬? And you won't believe this; PC gamers prefer ‪World of Tanks‬ above ‪‎CS: GO‬.

Check out the top 20 core PC games for June 2014- June 2015.

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DesVader1292d ago

I was a little suprised to see Guild Wars 2 right there under World Of Warcraft. I'm a GW2 player, so that was quite nice. Also pretty cool to see CS:GO that far up the list!! Very interesting, thank you for sharing...

SonZeRo1292d ago

Just shows you LoL is better than Dota2 :P

Two-Face1292d ago

League of Legends is a casualized Dota, and will always remain that.