F1 2015, and the hell of sports games on new consoles

VideoGamer: "F1 2015 is out, and it joins a long and undistinguished list of sports franchises which cut corners when appearing on new consoles. Why do we put up with it?"

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5yb5n6u1198d ago

darn, no career?
is it just pc or consoles too?
been meaning to buy the game but will hold my wallet fot the time being, still occupied with GT6, that goodwod fos is a beast track

Thefreeman0121198d ago

I'm no longer purchasing sorts games that don't have a decent solo career mode.. FIFA used to be amazing but they only care about fut. If f1 doesn't have an interesting career mode I'll wait for it to be a bargain bin buy

totalrecoilzz1198d ago

the only good game codies have made in the last 5 years is the new dirt rally game its epic.codies need to give up f1 license now as they have no idea wtf they are doing with it!!