World of Tanks available to predownload now with a bonus tank on Xbox One

Neil writes "The World of Tanks is coming to Xbox One for free real soon, and prior to the July open beta, you can predownload the game right now…and if you do, you’ll get yourself a free tank!"

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TearsOfARapper841198d ago

I missed getting this when it came out on 360, what's the public opinion of this game? Worth using my precious console memory?

Dread1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

I found it a little slow for my taste, but i guess if you put in the time it feels that if could be a rewarding experience.

Beside isn't it free to play? If it is just give it a try.

Happy gaming.

Wikkid6661198d ago

Slower at first when you have the crappy tanks. If you stay on the free side of things, it takes time to work your way up to the better tanks.

RobLoPR1198d ago

Downloading now... looks pretty good as far as I seen.

Rookie_Monster1198d ago

Yay, another game for XB1. Downloading it as we speak.

vikingland11198d ago

Some one disagreed with you. Why? I'm downloading it too.

Deathdeliverer1198d ago

Hope this turns out good. I'd love to blow people up.