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Once upon a time we didn’t need things like “Hard Drives” to be able to play our console games. Slap a Memory Card into a PlayStation 1 or 2, save straight onto the cartridge of a Nintendo N64 or the later Memory cards of a GameCube and you were good to go. Along came Microsoft and they introduced a new way of doing things. Why not do away with tiny memory cards and instead have a Hard Drive with limitless amounts of space instead? As we all know limitless didn’t last.

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morganfell1287d ago

I have one waiting on the shelf. I installed it and removed it, but due to no fault of Nyko. I already have 1.5TB drives in my PS4s and my issue here is the 2TB limitation. That isn't Nyko's fault. The PS4 software can recognize larger drives but the suspend/resume feature doesn't work with any drive larger than 2TB. If you suspend/resume with a 4TB drive like I did, your system acts like it wasn't properly shut down. You get the same warning, and procedures that occur when you have a power outtage.

Koneesha1287d ago

That's only if something isn't downloading. When there are downloads queued it works fine for whatever reason.

I use one with a six terrabyte hard drive, and while it is a pain to manually turn the console on, and off, it works fine other than that!

morganfell1287d ago

That is because there are two states of standby. When anything is occurring in the background except charging, the system is not fully asleep. If the download concludes before you awaken the system you will get the error. It's a great idea, but Sony needs to alter the firmware to allow it to really function. Otherwise, just buy a 2TB SATA.

aceitman1287d ago

save money and get a 2tb for 100-120 its cheaper and it doesn't bulk up ur ps4 and it doesn't cause heating issues on top of things not working right like suspend and resume , I had a 4tb had issues and sent it back.

tamarkovia1287d ago

2tb is more than enough for me right now I have 8 or 9 games loaded up and I'm only playing teso and there's tons of room left.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1287d ago

don't these like over heat the console? i mean i always heard not to use these kind of attachments.

morganfell1287d ago

I used a WD Green in mine and really didn't have any abnormal heat issues after 3 hours with The Witcher and just over 2 in Shadow Fall Intercept.

IamTylerDurden11287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

I'd go with Seagate's 2TB 2.5 SSHD (solid state hybrid Drive) for 89$ with nothing extra needed, bc it's 2.5in it will swap in there easily. You will get 4x the storage of the stock PS4 hdd and more than twice the load/DL/bootup/application launch speed. It's the best option for a reasonable price. The Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSD (solid state drive) is the absolute best in terms of speed, but it is only 1TB and it's 400$, if i could i'd go with the Samsung 850 Pro SSD.

parentsbasement1287d ago

makes it look unbalanced , my ocd wont allow it...

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