Yves Guillemot Says Digital “Doesn’t React As Fast On Consoles Than It Does on PC.”

CEO Yves Guillemot was in an investor’s call yesterday and he explained why digital games’ price stay the same on PSN and XBL instead of matching other online retailer’s offers such as Amazon or eBay. He stated that PC tends to do better in terms of digital sales than consoles while consoles do better in the physical sales.

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Mostafeto1286d ago

Digital games are the next thing in the gaming world but for me I really do like the sensation of holding a disc in my hand and having a hard cover and stack them up in my room to show off my gaming career haha. That's real gaming

SteamPowered1286d ago

Same could be said for your Steam library being a badge of honor.
My buddies and I are always comparing games. Whos playing what, who completed such and such, etc.

Real Gaming is an objective term.

Mostafeto1286d ago

That's what I mean in terms of who owns which games and completed how much of the game but for me it is more of an emotional relation with the physical ones since imagine you growing up and your grand child is a gamer and you want to show off your gaming library what would be more impressive ? A room full of stacked up CDs or you turning on a console or PC and turning on Steam or whatever (if they still exist) and showing him a couple of pages of your games ? To me I would be amazed by a room of full stacked CDs think of this and reply

SteamPowered1286d ago

Mostafeto bud,

I have lived through the Nintendo, Snes, Genesis, PS1-2-3, Xbox, Gamecube, N64, Etc, and my mom STILL bugs me to come pick up my old games and consoles.

Trust me, the space they take up becomes precious real-estate as you age. Seems my house only gets smaller and smaller with the wife and kid on the way.

I dont really 'show off' my gaming collection. I humble-brag and creep on my friends Steam account. ;)

zeal0us1286d ago

Real gaming is real gaming, whether you choose digital or physical copies or console or pc. There's no such thing as fake gaming.

Digital on console will always be slow due to the fact, it don't want to turn off retail sales.

ginsunuva1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

But who will you show it off to?

And who will actually care?

Clunkyd1286d ago

Yeah, If I had a big game collection I wouldn't be proud to show it off. lol

I like physical copies for the reason that I have the freedom to do whatever I want with it afterwards, I'm not stuck with it.

rainslacker1284d ago

I care about my collection because it means something to me. My OCD makes it overly large, but I'm one of those people who likes to have complete collections, and I know I likely never will on any major console.

Almost everyone who has seen my collection is pretty impressed, even if they aren't gamers.

It's also a good way to decide if a girl is right for me, because if she ends up acting like I'm a lesser person because of my collection, I know she's not for me.:) If they get excited about it, then I know they're probably a keeper...unless they keep leaving the toilet seat down...I hate that.

Ashlen1286d ago

As soon as people allow "digital only" prices for games will skyrocket. Just like DLC, first it started out small and inexpensive, now every game has to have at least 100$ worth of DLC with obnoxious stuff like pre-order DLC retailer exclusive DLC collectors edition DLC.

It's unfortunate that people can't be forward thinking enough to just say no to this stuff even when it's in there own best interest.

Mostafeto1286d ago

Yes Ashlen, the various existence of DLCs is what helping digital game sales develop and therefore developers are taking the approach of maximizing their profits through tons of overpriced DLCs that get people way too excited and they sometimes have not that much value added to the game when some of them are even more expensive than the price of the game itself.

jmc88881286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

That's the wrong attitude to take. It will never work.

What you have to realize is that these are WALL STREET COMPANIES. That's your problem right there. They are out to screw you and me over regarding everything. That is what they are, and it doesn't matter how, they will try to do that in some way. They always have to show 'growth' no matter how it is achieved. Else their stock goes down. Well just wait until all these video game stocks are 80-90 percent OR MORE. That day is coming. We just don't know exactly when.

That's not forward thinking, and it's not necessarily in your best interest. It might be in YOUR best interest gaming wise... but is it in MY best interest?

Look you can't say...don't do what you want, because a Wall Street firm might screw ME over. Well yes, they are Wall Street. They are going to regardless.

They want all digital, and they want it at full price. The only way to win the game is to crush wall street. Make them start thinking a bit more about their customers and a bit less about how to lay off employees, borrow money at near 0 percent, and then buy back stocks to TEMPORARILY boost the stock price (while leaving permanent debt on the books).

I like both physical and digital. For games I'm not likely to want to trade in, or for convenience..or for the fact I can get it day 1 and not day 4...then yes digital is better.

Let's see...if I preorder say...MGS V: TPP, it'll cost me ~$67 and I'd have to wait until 2-3-4 days after it released to play. I get digital, I can wait until I see reviews, buy it, download it, and be playing at 9pm-10pm on day 1 if it's a pacific time unlocking game...and usually that means I paid $60.

You see your problem Ashlen (and I sympathize) is that you are saying the MEDIUM is the problem. Physical versus Digital.'s always about WHO CONTROLS that MEDIUM.

So what you really have to take on are the COMPANIES who are doing this. By just focusing on the medium you are missing it.

It's the Wall Street mentality, and it's killing us everywhere regarding almost everything.

You need to take on THAT fight, not physical vs digital. Because if you win the Wall Street fight... not only would your life have the potential to be so much better in so many ways, but you'd calm down all the abusive crap these companies do to us with digital games.

Go to the source, or don't even bother. You'll lose, guaranteed... and you will have completely wasted your time. This is all perfectly knowable. So heed my warning. Go after the RIGHT issue, or you won't achieve anything.

That issue again, is what Wall Street thinks of the average person, and it's time the average person shows Wall Street and the City of London... who is boss. But we're running out of time to do so. They've almost got us locked down completely.

So you may think you are forward thinking, but really you are not. You are trying, so I'll give you that. In this case, it's time gamers, show their wall street corporations making their games, that they aren't going to take their crap no more. You won't take Goldman Sach's crap. Or Shitibank, wells fargo, BofA, EA, Ubisoft, etc.

...Or any of these morons who use the British Empire Ideology of Wall Street to screw you over. Because that's what it is. British Empire Wall Street ideology claiming lordship over you.

Your concerns about digital being less favorable then physical, are just a manifestation of that. Think about it.

stuna11286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

I get the jest of what you're saying and I agree! A prime example is how they are trying to regulate the internet. Sure we use it to play with a friend overseas, but most don't see the immediately cause for concern until certain action are taken.

These main conglomerates, big businesses and, banks rely on the flow of information over the internet so of course it's not so far fetched to realize the stakes they hold in regulating the web. The fact that many of us gamers don't see or, realize the trickle down effect something like this could have on a all digital anything!!

Most are of the frame of mind that they are somehow separate from the rest of the world! "If it didn't, hasn't happened to me"!" It's of no concern!"

One things for certain; the world is nothing like it was 30 years ago.

@Ashlen totally agree.

A all digital future is not something anyone should be looking forward too. So many things could happen and we have no control! Data could be erased, altered not to mention an electromagnetic pulse can obliterate anything digital beyond recovery. Far fetched I know, but possible.

Ashlen1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

I understand what your saying, but this is a gaming site and there is little point to getting political here. And to be fair digital is a no win situation for consumers like you and me because the other 99% is to lazy to stand up.

But it would honestly be a lot easier (though impossible) to get gaming to band together to fight against all digital (look at Xbox one launch which I am still surprised about) VS getting gamers to stand up and picket Wall Street financial institutions or even companies like EA which was voted worst company but still makes more money selling DLC than physical disks.

The bottom line is... I'm not so naive as to think posting on N4G is actually going to change the world.

Mostafeto1286d ago

FINALLY AN EDUCATED PERSON ON A GAMING WEBSITE COMMENT SECTION GOD BLESS YOU BUDDY. I agree with you 100% They are all out to crush us since they are wall street firms and all they want is your wallet but even if it's this way, don't they need to release a decent product for us to be obliged or even tempted to give them our hard earned cash ? That's my point of view

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SteamPowered1286d ago

Digital Only means prices would drop. There would be no distribution/production costs because there would be no physical games.

Look at PC- its a mostly digital service. Games are by and by far cheaper. And during sales and such, they are incredibly cheap.

New games however are really expensive on Pc. Why? Because they have the console counterparts being sold for the same high price on disc. If consoles ditched disc, there would be a more even playing field and it could let others into the digital market, thereby dropping the price further. CDkeys and others could get a foothold and start giving Microsoft and Playstation some pricing competition.

Before you denounce an all-digital future, look to PC. We have been doing it for years and all is well.

Ashlen1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

That may be the biggest fallacy people spread.

DLC is all digital and as I pointed out in another post.

Check the price of the DLC on your oldest games from last gen and I guarantee 95+% of them cost exactly the same as they did when you bought the game years ago.

The only reason games don't perpetually stay the same price or rise is because they have to compete with the resale market.

If the industry went digital only and the corporations alone got to set the price I guarantee the prices will only rise.

And as far as Steam sales thats a Steam thing and many companies have argued against Steam doing it and last Steam sale several companies raised their prices on their games in the week prior to the sale.

ShaunCameron1284d ago

<Digital Only means prices would drop. There would be no distribution/production costs because there would be no physical games.>

Only to be offset by bandwidth and server maintenance costs. So no, digital-only doesn't mean prices would drop. Especially in a closed environment like the home console market where the hardware manufacturers have the final word on what goes on.

Phoenix761286d ago

Would react faster if DEVS weren't keeping price so artificially high!!! Just ask ubisoft!!!

Gwiz1286d ago

I can't believe anything he says.

Mikeyy1286d ago

I only buy digital if I can get it on sale for a good price. If I'm paying full retail then I goto the store and get a physical copy for my consoles.

Now on pc I try to keep everything on steam if I can.

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