Resident Evil Zero HD DLC Design Contest Launched

A Resident Evil Zero HD DLC design content has been launched. Players have the chance to design an outfit that could get in the game as DLC

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elsif1221d ago

They better can use the money for a remake of RE2. And not a por hd port please :)

MRHARDON1221d ago

Translation: We are too lazy to design our own dlc.

Monstar1221d ago

Can't be lazy to design a f'en outfit, its definitely to get on the players side of things considering the how poor RE5/6 is...and resident evil dying in general, but thanks to these remasters and the support for them....this could also be a thank you from capcom, etc.

Monstar1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

If only it had the option to have the over the shoulder camera angle...but then again, it's pre-rendered backgrounds, with a fixed camera.

BenRage31220d ago

I wouldn't mind a Resident Evil in a rich gated community with multiple mansions to explore.