Capcom shows Resident Evil 0 prototype, just how far remaster has come

Today, Capcom took a trip down memory lane, reanimating some old footage of a Nintendo 64-era Resident Evil 0 prototype originally shown at Tokyo Game Show in 1999.

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Stringerbell1195d ago

I rember being excited when I read about this gsne in Nintendo Power. Then disappointed when it was canceled for the 64, then blown away when it came out on the GCN.

breakpad1195d ago

i like a lot more the PROTOTYPE than the other two versions ...i like its more slow paced gameplay , more grounded atmosphere and environment

Artemus1195d ago

Looks absolutely beautiful. Man, the wait until next year is gonna kill me!

DarkOcelet1195d ago

The remastered version looks great. Can't wait to play it.

And am I the only one who would play that 64 version. it's looks cool and cheesy as hell.

bit-crusherrrr1195d ago

I'd rather like to play the n64 original too. Be good as an unlockable in the remaster.

Sirk7x1195d ago

The Gamecube version STILL looks good. Greatest console ever lol.

Joel22111195d ago

I remember after basic training and heading to my A school buying a GameCube and after class I would play Resident Evil 0 through the night with my roommate. looking forward to playing it again.

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