Rumor: Wii U Hits 10 Million Consoles Sold Worldwide

According to the latest numbers released by VGChartz, the Wii U has reached 10 million units sold worldwide.

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Rimeskeem1195d ago

I'm sorry but I kind of laughed

LOL_WUT1195d ago

What's even more sad is that it still hasn't gotten a price cut even after publicly admitted that the system was a failure. How can anyone expect this system to sell when all Nintendo has been doing is focusing on Amiibos as far as we know these numbers aren't even confirmed! They could still be sitting at 9 million. ;)


Maybay1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Coming off the sales of its predecessor (Wii); it is funny in a sad kinda way. Out of all the things they got wrong with the Wii U, it's the console's name.

Playstation 1,2,3,4.

Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox 1.

Microsoft, apparently avoided the silly mistake Nintendo made.

Wii 2 (or even Wii HD), would've informed gaming's casual market - more thoroughly.

Erik73571195d ago

Are you implying most of Nintendo's userbase is causal? Careful that'll piss off a lot of Nintendo gamers on this site...

GhostTurtle1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Its not just the name alone (Wii U) that hurt Nintendo here. Don't see what the hell MS has to do with it. Xbox One's name is just a dumb.

tdogg060519911195d ago

I believe Nintendo did confuse their user base because of the name. The Wii is primarily a family franchise and the names of the consoles in Nintendo's family don't necerssarily mean upgrade. Nintendo DS vs DSXL not an actual sucessor but a higher quality one. Nintendo 3DS then 2DS: Ok go backwards and make it a slice of cheese, is it better. Wii to Wii U, o.k. it just looks like a black Wii, why would I pay more. You think I'm joking and I wish I was. I worked in Walmart and parents really don't understand it. What they do understand is Trends and if Jimmy and Timmy got a PS4 then so does my son.

assdan1194d ago

There's a lot more than that, but it's definitely part of it.

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TedCruzsTaint1194d ago

Wii U is no more a casual system than the Xbox One or the PS4.

Khronikos1194d ago

Honestly, it is the shitty power and the gamepad that killed this system. I will buy any Nintendo system out there that has power to actually make classic games that don't need to be emulated in three years.

I bought a Wii and sold it after playing the big games. Now.... lol I am play SMG2 at 4K on my PC with perfectly, BETTER, adapted controls to my DS4.

I could not ask for more. Nintendo, I will gladly buy your systems if you actually make one for gamers. Otherwise you will force me to play your games on PC. SMG2 has never looked so damn good with the texture pack running in Ishiiruka Dolphin. Same with NSMBwii. You could not ask for more out of Mario. It is like I am playing games made yesterday. Timeless. But not because of Nintendo. They don't make a system that can actually run their own games like this.

And from reports, they are just that, they may be contemplating another low powered POS. They will have lost the game if they do so. People do not want another low powered N console.

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LazerShark1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Wow this really is pathetic. Well at least its only 2M behind the Vita, and Sony is giving that quite a bit of games... Just not in the US.

Nintendo seems to be focusing on the NX ATM, showing it to publishers and courting them.
Gearbox is probably already working on Borderlands and possibly Aliens for them.
Leaked e-mail from Gearbox that's floating around teh interwebs:

marloc_x1194d ago

Kind of a mirror image of a certain company's gaming division.

Only with more 1rst party software..

deadpoolio3161194d ago

I seriously doubt Sega will ever let them anywhere near an Aliens game EVER as long as they have the license....

At least Gearbox told the truth, the Wii U did get the best version of Aliens they got the version that never came out....

N4g_null1195d ago

Oh yeah splatoon is all you need brother! Get your rank and gear up! Ninja squid time! What I find weird is the ps4 is not at 30 million yet.

What if the nx tech is all the wiiu needs to become a smash? There are a ton of ports on the game pad. The account system is coming, smash, splatoon and mk8 where online player master pieces.

It really looks like people just bet on the ps4 first. Then xbone once that got sour. 3rd party games are ok but other than the graphics what is the draw. We all end up going nintendo eventually. I know I'm enjoying mine. It's been all splatoon. I haven't played a game this much since quake damn do I have work to do!

MNGamer-N1194d ago

I know what you mean brother Splatoon is taking all my time right now, it's so much fun. I finally made it to B- still trying....

N4g_null1194d ago

I see you MnGamer-N
Yeah I'm loving this game just got a new map just now. It really is too bad that most people have beat their exclusives by now and only have cod. Get your practice up and be sure to be ready for the new perks after winning a splatfest. They really got this game right.

Seriously the NX is a place holder idea right now. It really could be any thing right now.

iplay1up21194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

"I am sorry but I kind of just laughed"

Ya know,Wii U has great games. I think the entire LACK OF ADVERTISING killed Wii U before it was even released. Dreamcast had a fantastic ad campaign, but it failed, and Wii U has had pretty much NO ADVERTISING at all.

Nintendo has done a POOR job even ADVERTISING the system. Whoever leads their advertising dept needs to be fired....even N64 Get N or Get out. Was stuck in our many years ago... Nintendo's advertising Sucks!

deadpoolio3161194d ago

They had commercials like right before it came out....I dont know how widespread they got shown, but I know they were shown at least once or twice during Raw.

Then it released and you never saw another commercial ever again. At least with the Wii they had those stupid as hell Wii would like to play commercials

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jholden32491194d ago

Yep just mock and ridicule the console. That's all anybody ever does anyways.

Nobody actually cares about the games it offers, despite the fact they say they like playing video games. Like the unpopular kid at school and everybody still wants to kick him while he's down. When if you weren't such a dick you'd find out he's actually a really cool kid if you got to know him

Spotie1194d ago

lol, you say that like your feelings are hurt or something.

It's not "nobody." Just not enough.

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98xpresent1195d ago

LMAO it's sad this a rumor

R00bot1195d ago

VGChartz, always a rumor.

Loadedklip1195d ago

I think you missed his point. It is sad that we can't even confirm it has 10 million by now. Sad that we have to rely on a rumor to even know for sure it so that little by now

FallenAngel19841195d ago

Don't state its a rumor if its on VGChartz's front page

RPGrinder1195d ago

So it is a rumor. I am sure it has but VGchartz is a terrible site

CuddlyREDRUM1194d ago

Compared to what public info site that states how many consoles are sold.

feelforlove1194d ago

why are you so sure. i bet it isn't at 10 million shipped, let alone 10 million sold. we will know in few weeks.

KryptoniteTail1195d ago

Well it is still behind Dreamcast.

iplay1up21194d ago

Yes it is, but Sega marketed the hell out of dreamcast, when was the last time you saw a Wii U commercial?.

Also Dreamcast imo was THE TRUE FIRST NEXT GEN SYSTEM.

ShaunCameron1193d ago

Actually the Wii U surpassed the Dreamcast in overall sales.

KryptoniteTail1193d ago

Wii U is rumored to have sold 10 million. Dreamcast was 10.6 million.

No doubt Wii U will surpass it eventually but still, this is saying something.