'Splatoon' and the problem with objective reviews

Many gamers have been clamoring for more "objective" reviews, but Splatoon handily demonstrates why such requests are troublesome.

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joab7771250d ago

No one is asking for only objective reviews, just not skewing the review based and subjectivity.

There's room for both. Point out everything the game has to offer, and then give your opinion on whether, for you, it's more than the sum of its parts. To this author, splat on is, and Destiny isnt. And that's fair.

TheSoundDefense1249d ago

"No one is asking for only objective reviews"

You would be surprised at the Twitter conversations I've had. I've spoken to people who think that if person A likes a game, and person B doesn't, one of them is wrong. I wish I was exaggerating.

KryptoniteTail1250d ago

A good review is both objective and subjective. Someone can tell you how a game is objectively and then tell you how they personally feel about it. This isn't rocket science, guys.

mhunterjr1249d ago

You can't have a review without a healthy dose of subjectivity... At the end of the day, it's an opinion on whether or not a game delivers...

An objective review isn't a review at all... It's a list of features... Without the author giving his opinion on whether or not those features were implemented well and amounted to a good game, there's no point in reading...

N4g_null1248d ago

i'd rather have a list of features.
skill sets used while playing.
bosses, maps, stages.

Spotie1248d ago

You most certainly can have a review without a healthy dose of subjectivity. What's more, you can have a review with subjectivity, but that doesn't pass off opinion as fact.

The two things CAN exist. It's just become unpopular to allow for objectivity, and defending poor reviews with "it's just an opinion" has become the thing.