Hitman Dev Addresses Digital Release, Price, Content Quality Concerns

Developer IO Interactive has addressed the discussion around its upcoming Hitman, specifically concerns about the release strategy, quality of the content, and its online hooks.

In a Q&A, the studio clarified that, although Hitman will be released initially through digital platforms such as PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Steam, it will also be released on disc "at some point in 2016," reiterating earlier reports about the physical release.

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ironfist921197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

I dont know why its so hard for people to understand.

On December, they'll release the core campaign of the game digitally, then they'll release FREE expansions to the game monthly adding new content, and then after a year once all packs have been released, it'll be bundled together in disc format.

Those who are complaining clearly don't have all the facts in order.

People pay for CoD every year plus season passes for many games, yet when Hitman tries to do something unique but cheaper, torches and pitchforks come out.

showtimefolks1197d ago


Thanks for the info, I will have enough game to play where I can wait and just buy the physical copy when released. I don't buy my games digitally and that won't change no matter how good is Hitman

They should be applauded for the fact they are doing something good with free expanions dlc, at least there isn't a season pass attached to it.

But it's also releasing in December so not sure what sort of sales will it get. I think a game like this could do well when released in the right time period

EDKICK1197d ago

I'm just wondering what will "base game" will be for example Absolution was 20 missions with a story that has beginning and an end. Is that the "base game" 15-20 missions and a story arc with the "expansions" being story dlc with shorter story arcs with 5-10 missions or so or is there no real story in the "base game" with the expansions just a collection of missions with no real context. They've not sufficiently answered that question for me personally I'm still excited for Hitman just cautious. I do appreciate a new approach to business model if it works.

bixxel1196d ago

The digital version will have only 3 missions. That's what everyone's mad about..

LastNewtStandin1195d ago

Can't read link at work but have an observation,

Digital release supposedly having 3 missions at launch and "expansions" added free? There not really expansions are they if it's really the game being drip fed, Then you can re-buy it all again on disc at the end, I imagine there will be additions on that disc to tempt people who already own digital to re-buy it.

With the way Destiny got slammed for lacking story and being called a beta for the full game that you need the expansions for I worry that people may get impatient with this title.

Personally I like the idea that as the game moves on it can be shaped by the fans ideas and evolve into an even better version of itself but it does feel a little beta-ish.

Just observations as i've not read up on the details yet but like hitman games enough to have some concerns worth airing. Compared to working that is.