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PSInsider author writes: “Fight “Em Til Hell Freezes Over, Then Fight ‘Em on the Ice.” – Dutch Meyer. This quote by a legendary college coach perfectly describes the competitive spirit that engulfed me as I played Rocket League. Developed by Psyonix, Rocket League is actually a sequel to a fairly unknown yet similar game called Supersonic_Acrobatic_Rocket-Po wered_Battle-Cars (SARPBC for short) for the PS3. Rocket League can be described in a number of ways but I look at it as a cross between demolition derby, Mario Cart, and soccer (aka football) which is not a bad thing at all.

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Rimeskeem1198d ago

One of the best PS+ games we've gotten on PS4 so far IMO

illmatic1198d ago

yes it is. I hope to see more games like this hit the PSN for free.

Eidolon1198d ago

I agree, it's addicting.

Pillsbury11198d ago

Fun factor is through the roof.

Rimeskeem1198d ago

It's nice to have a game where you can literally jump in a have a blast. I miss those kinds of games.

Pillsbury11198d ago

Yeah I miss those kind of arcade free for all fun games like nba jam.

SolidDuck1198d ago

It's kinda a NBA jam, NFL blits, or NHL hits for this Gen. A unrealistic kinda sports game that is so much fun. Car soccer(or football I'm American). A dumb idea on paper, but a blast to play.

Ozmoses1198d ago

So I'm curious were the articles about this game overheating the PS4 true or bogus??

I want to try this game but not at the risk of my PS4..

If anyone can be kind enough to reply if they've had any issues or not playing Rocket League on PS4 I'd appreciate it.

NeonEnigma1198d ago

I played for a good 6 hours and my ps4 was fine, they released an update so hopefully all overheating problems are fixed.

scark921198d ago

Have not had any problems, an Article said just pan the camera down looking at the top of the car in the menu to put less stress on the system! Go getum tiger!