Black Knight Limited Edition Case

Team Xtender has just announced the winner of their XCM 360 Full Case Side Panel Design contest. A man named Hector created the 'Black Knight' side panel that was selected as the best entry by a panel of judges. Although no specific pricing information has been revealed, this mod might be a little pricey considering other full case mods are selling for around $50 from some online retailers. Still, this is clearly a sharp looking case that your friends will certainly envy, so make sure to check back here to see when they become available!

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OutLaw5953d ago

A case like that is very nice to have on a 360. But I worry about my warranty with the company. Maybe after the warranty ends I would change the case of my system.

clayton5953d ago

It does void your warranty, so after the warranty expires you are good to go.

Krimson5953d ago

I still havn't seen any confirmation that the case includes the LED's (lighting). Kind of a pointless window-cut if not.