Gears of War Ultimate Edition will be bundled with Xbox One beginning Aug 25, 2015

If you've been holding out on purchasing an Xbox One, Microsoft has a pretty great deal lined up for the back half of 2015.

During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Gears of War co-creator Rod Fergusson announced that the upcoming Gears of War Ultimate Edition, a remake of the first Gears game, will be bundled with Xbox One systems. The bundle will begin appearing in stores on Aug 25, the same day that the new game launches.

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FallenAngel19841294d ago

Nice way to introduce more people to the Gears of War franchise

4Sh0w1294d ago

Yep exactly what I was thinking.

rainslacker1294d ago

Hope it's included in all their bundles which will likely be coming out for the holidays. I'm planning on getting a X1 sometime around then. I feel there are enough games to hold my interest, and GeOW I did enjoy on the PC, although never got to play the ones after the first.

Hoping for some really good bundles this year like last year. If I can get a few good games with the system, will work out nicely.:)

FallenAngel19841294d ago

Well turns out this is just a limited time bundle while supplie last at select retailers. This headline made it sound like this was going to be a of being a standard bundle.

Rookie_Monster1294d ago

This is awesome news to people new to the XBOX brand.

GearSkiN1294d ago

gosh can they pls annouce a new version of the console so my brother in law can have my xbox so we can play! i want the new xbox one version! i know its on the horizon! cmon microsoft!!

Xavior_Reigns1294d ago

As in the Slim? Best bet is with Halo 5 or shortly after.

GearSkiN1294d ago

yea Josh was mentioning to stay tune,,, hope they show it on gamescom coz dude imma get that!

ilikepizza1293d ago

a slim is not coming no time soon...... i listened to so many podcast predicting a slim model. A slim model of the xbox one wont come soon mainly because the xbox one is designed to be on for 10 years straight with out cooling issues. Dont think they are going to go out and make something smaller and risk those issues when the box they have now does the job perfectly. A remodel is 2-3 years off atleast.