Canadian Teen Swatter Gets 16-Months Jail Time for Harassing Female Gamers and More

The teen pleaded guilty to 23 counts related to “swatting”, including a bomb hoax that shut down Space Mountain at Disneyland.

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Digital_Anomaly1200d ago

As if a lot of female gamers don't have it bad enough online already they gotta deal with jerks like this? Man, a bit more than 16 months and a public flogging oughta teach the little shit some manners.

-Foxtrot1200d ago

I think gamers in general get treat like shit online, it's not a gender thing

Digital_Anomaly1200d ago

I know, but I'm speaking in direct response to the article of course. He was harassing female gamers for nudie pics and all.

Genuine-User1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I have seen my female friends get harassed/called names more often.
It can be a gender issue for a some.

ServerBOT1200d ago

Yep from my experience it's probably like 80% immature and 20% mature gamers i meet online.
It's true if you're a female you'll probably be called a C**T and if you're male you'll be called a F****T.

It's sad the immature older gamers do it so the 12ies thinks its funny and cool so they do it also and all those stupid youtube commentray videos have swearing in them when most of there viewers are kids most likely.

Naga1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

@ Genuine-User

It's just the same thing manifesting itself in different forms. Gender attacks aren't some special problem in our community - they're just the low-hanging fruit for these sorts of turds when they encounter people of the opposite sex.

They are either too lazy or lack the mental capacity to reach any higher for more sophisticated insults... much less grasp the self-control and decency required to be respectful toward others in the first place.

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LonDonE1200d ago

Agreed, i just wish that lizard squad virgin from the news recently got proper jail time too!
Canada showing these people how to deal with these vermin.

Seriously these no life kids need to be taught a lesson, they are costing companies like sony and ms millions, then theres the swating putting peoples life in danger and these kids get offered jobs instead? These little dirt bags practically ruined Christmas for millions and I wish I could get my hands on them! Would kick the ish out of em the good old fashioned way to teach some one a lesson!

I applaud Canada and just wish the big companies would pressure the courts to make an example of these clowns.

And girls do get harrased more,my wife gets hit on all the time playingg online and so do my girl mates.
There are just too many virgin boys online who dont care to respect a woman, and have no experience how to get into a girls knickers/relationship.

My wife has made some awesome guy mates online playing games like left 4 dead on the 360, and now we both play with said mates who treat her with respect.
Sadly its not the norm, hence why 90% of the time she wont use the mic.

rainslacker1200d ago


That's not something limited to the gamer space. Crap happens all over the internet. Heck even facebook has that problem, but has better ways to report harassment than most gaming servers. It's crappy, but there are a lot of idiots out there who think social norms don't have to be followed on the internet.

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yarbie10001200d ago

Still seems like a short sentence for putting peoples lives in danger by swatting them

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Majin-vegeta1200d ago

Sell weed=2 years minimum

put peoples lifes at risk=16 months

Just shows how dumb and outdated the systems are in some countries.

I say put him in shackles and put him to work in harsh conditions!

Thehyph1200d ago

Not to downplay the "swatting" thing, but getting two years for sale of cannabis is when minors are involved. As in, sales to minors and around schools and whatnot.

Also, the system IS outdated.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1200d ago

I think that this is a good start. Hopefully the criminal justice system will see that its only a starting point and realize that things like this need to be dealt with seriously given the victims.

generalwinter1200d ago

They need to do something about these incidents to set an example

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