Ultimate RPG GotY 2015 Battle: The Witcher 3 vs. Fallout 4?

When it comes time to choose the very best role-playing game of the year, which do you think will stand tall in the end? And should stability play a role?

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Bigpappy1250d ago

I don't really care who wins GOTY. I have learned respect the opinion of others, but that mine is far superior.

I will play them both and decide which is better, and I will be right.

ShugaCane1250d ago

I think it comes down the the type of universe you prefer. I have always been more attracted to Fantasy than Science Fiction/Anticipation so I guess that even if Fallout 4 turns out to be a masterpiece, I'd still prefer TW 3, purely based on subjective factors.

But still, it's way too early to compare the two of them. Fallout 4 isn't even out yet and we have only seen like 30 minutes of the game.

Brotard1249d ago

No Bloodborne? Sad, that was an incredible game. This year just has too many great games.

joab7771249d ago

Yep. We get borh, it doesn't matter. Fallout probably won't have as good of storytelling and questing, but the crafting and home building looks amazing. AND both will have unparalleled worlds, filled with detail in every corner. I loved TW3's combat, though it's a bit easy, I do like that enemies don't level with you as it makes progression seems real.

Bit I also love Vats and the fps gunplay, while keeping 3rd person. They both win in my book.

NukaCola1249d ago

Two totally different types of RPGs so it's tough. I am a die hard fan of the Fallout universe though. Witcher on the other hand is brilliant.

bmwfanatic1249d ago

I think mgs will be better than both. But that's just my opinion.

Eterna1Ice1249d ago

Yeah, coz MGS is the greatest RPG series in history.

KosherNostra1249d ago

This is all IF Fallout 4 even releases before the New Year, which I still kinda doubt. If it does, Witcher 3 will have been thoroughly patched and have substantial DLC to bolster it. If the other Fallouts are any indication, we can expect at least 6 months of patching to follow 4's release.

lashes2ashes1249d ago

I don't think they will delay it. It's been being worked on since I be leave 2009. So plenty of time left for bug testing.

TheBurger291249d ago

They also said the game is pretty much done, so that leaves time to squash the bugs.

eklektic1249d ago

My question is why isn't all this tw3 dlc already on the game. I know it's free but must people are done with it now and will probably never play it again. And if it takes tw3 until fallout to be all patched then it shouldn't have been released till fallout.

titans99991249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Hey, at least the DLC is free! Not like these other blood sucking money hungry vampires of developers...right Ubisoft and EA?

-Foxtrot1249d ago

From what I've seen of Fallout 4 so far it's already beaten Witcher 3 for me RPG wise. The customization is great, you can choose your own path, be whatever you want, customization, building, crafting and modding.

That's the info we know so's still early days.

Der_Kommandant1249d ago

It's gonna be hard to choose, i freaking loved Witcher 3 but i've waited 5 years for a new Fallout.

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The story is too old to be commented.