NBA 2K16 Set to Have 50 Song Playlist; DJ Mustard; DJ Khaled; DJ Premier to Curate Playlists

From 2K Sports: NBA 2K16’s soundtrack will be comprised of six in-game playlists, including three lists individually curated by each producer, an international “Around the World” playlist, the 2K Classics Mixtape featuring fan favorites from previous 2K titles, and a master playlist that includes all 50 tracks from this year’s selection. The expansive music library spans a wide range of genres, including hip-hop, electronic, pop, rock and alternative, from throwback tracks from the ‘70s through today’s Top 40, including The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop,” Nas’ “Represent,” and Zedd’s “I Want You to Know” featuring Selena Gomez.

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NoFanboyJustLovGames1196d ago

who cares about the music as much as we care if they fix the dam servers, the stupid animations and glitches..... They spending to much money on spike lee now this.... hope they actually working on the game play and physics

Skate-AK1196d ago

I wonder who got more money, Jay Z or Spike Lee.

xHeavYx1196d ago

One of the few things I dislike about these games is the soundtrack. I wish I could have a custom playlist.

Skate-AK1196d ago

Didn't a firmware update add custom soundtracks to the PS4?

Shineon1196d ago

I wonder how much hdd space it will take up this year, last year was rediculously big

The_Blue1196d ago

Its only like a few song I will like anyways. However, DJ mustard beats are all the same.

TreMillz1196d ago

Lmao definitely with that infamous "Hey hey hey hey!" in the background

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