Donate To Black Ops III And Play as a Zombie, Behind-The-Scenes Tour And More

Call of Duty Black Ops III, developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, and the latest entry in one of the world’s most selling franchises Call of Duty. Also Activision promised to increase the donated money dollar for dollar since all the gathered money will be given to organizations that help real war veterans to find jobs.

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Mostafeto1223d ago

The winner of that draw will be one lucky human being haha. I think if they announce his/her name, his/her will get assassinated haha

gedden71223d ago

Wait did they say Donate??? OH HELL NO!!!

BattleReach1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Donate to Call of Duty Endowment, which helps veterans to get back in the society.

gedden71222d ago

And still NO! They should donate a portion of SALES to the Vets.... That be cool... Not the other way around..

Smitty20201222d ago

The amount of money they make off each game they have produced why don't they put a donation too the military

Swiggins1222d ago

They do, they started the Call of Duty Endowment off with $1 Million and donate to it regularly. They also have been selling Call of Duty dog tags where all proceeds go to the endowment for some time now.

You wanna get off that high horse now? It looks like you might fall.

Smitty20201222d ago

I was in the forces and I didn't received any special help after my career ended so instead of thinkin you u know everything you know shit my friend and go back to the hole you came from

Ripsta7th1222d ago

The millitary in no freaking way needs donations
They get BILLIONS every year from taxpayer money
(Well here in the US they do)

UKmilitia1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

they have put millions into it already pal.
it isnt as much to the military but after care if im not mistaken.
kinda like help for heroes in UK.

wether it gets to the ex soldiers or helps i dont know,but thats another issue.

Smitty20201222d ago

I agree with you mate UK boy myself

KryptoniteTail1222d ago

Come on, these companies could change lives and they're begging for our pocket change? Sad.