The Most "Legitimate" Complaints About Our Most Beloved Games

Video games and complaining go together as well as Doritos and Mountain Dew, rather it be that 13 year old that gets more action than we have our entire lives, that girl that everyone insists is a 12 year old fat kid, and of course the lovely teenagers that love to call us (insert graphic word here). Today, we have some additions to the compliant pool, some of the most thoughtful and insightful (not really) complaints about some of the best games ever created, make sure you have your anti-troll gear on, ’cause it’s about to get messy in here.

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EchoFyre1196d ago

"It’s like getting promised McDonalds after work and you end up getting Subway. It’s alright, but you miss that feeling you get when you get that fry at the bottom of the bag that only McDonalds can achieve"

Beautiful comparison, 10/10

MartinB1051196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

So getting an assist is like getting something better than you were promised? I don't think this analogy works very well.

Yukes1196d ago

God of War series for me: when you're killing gods, how do you up the ante?