Where Are They Now? Part 1

Part 1 of Casualty Gamers' look back at a few classic characters who helped shape video gaming today.

From the article: "We're a nostalgic lot here at Casualty Gamer. So nostalgic, in fact, that we've decided this week it would be nice to take a little stroll down memory lane and catch up with some of our favorite video game characters from our youth."

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SnakeShady4800d ago

wrote this article? it's full of mistakes.
1.Metal Gear Solid is not a remake of the first metal gear
2.Naked Snake is not a clone of Solid Snake.

Polluted4800d ago (Edited 4800d ago )

MGS is not a canon remake of the first Metal Gear, much like Ninja Gaiden was not a remake direct remake of Gaiden 1. That doesn't mean its inaccurate to call them remakes or revamps.
All of the Snakes were cloned from Naked Snake. Just because he wasn't grown in a test tube doesn't mean he isn't an exact clone of Solid, Solidus and Liquid.

SnakeShady4800d ago

mgs is a complete different story from mg.
for the clone read this...