Should Microsoft Enter The Handheld Gaming Realm In Force With Windows 10?

Will Windows 10 finally be the ultimate entrance into the handheld gaming realm for Microsoft?

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TXIDarkAvenger1287d ago

Now would be the best time do get in the game.

W10 will be on phones, tablets, PCs, and on the Xbox One. A device similar to the Nvidia Shield Portable could be pretty great for Microsoft.

Maybay1287d ago

Yeah, Nvidia Shield is ace.

mikeslemonade1287d ago

The people don't want mobile. Don't get in!

ABizzel11287d ago

The Shield tablet is better, which is why a tablet is the route to go. Handhelds are over for everyone except Nintendo, who has 2 - 3 more gens tops.

Maltaze1287d ago

Think Shield was a great device, they just aimed too high at a very small audience. Microsoft on the other hand has the infrastructure and money to make this happen in a heartbeat. I would actually be surprised if they dont corner their most lucrative market this time around.

SteamPowered1287d ago

Ive rocked my Shield Portable for about 2 years now. Unbelievable piece of kit.

The Shield would be the pinnacle of handhelds for Microsoft to achieve.

ABizzel11287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

It would be a horrible idea, if anything Surface is all they need if they can get a cheaper version and market it right as an Xbox tablet with controls, just like Sony should do a PlayStation Tablet. It's bigger, can hold a better battery life, have a bigger and screen, and better tech.

Handheld gaming for the core gamer is dead, outside of Nintendo. No dev wants to spend a AAA budget on a handheld game that at best sells 1m copies when they can make that game on console and sell 1m units per console.

Leave it to Nintendo, and Sony and MS should simply make companion devices for their consoles that can stream games anywhere cross-play certain games. Dedicated handhelds are dead for the core. (Nintendo handhelds are core, but they have a stable of franchises that support it, as well as most of JP, and kid gamers). For everyone a smartphone or tablet is just as good.

Making a dedicated handheld means splitting MS dev teams between 2 platforms and they already have the least amount of devs of the Big 3.

TXIDarkAvenger1286d ago

An Xbox tablet with controls is pretty much an Nvidia Shield Tablet. The Nvidia Shield portable also has a better battery life.

I feel like you don't know what an Nivida Shield is. No dev has to spend money to develop exclusively for it. The idea is to be able to stream Xbox One and PC games to the device. On top of that, it can run emulators too.

In a sense, it would be a companion to not only the Xbox One but also PC.

ABizzel11286d ago


I'm one of the most informed here. The Shield is NVIDIA 'sattempt at a handheld featuring Tegra 4, the tablet was the second device with Tegra K1, The Shield TV (their micro-console) features the X1.

The reason the Shield had a better battery life is because it uses a much weaker processor (nearly 3x - 4x weaker for the GPU computations), has a lower resolution screen, a smaller screen, and has a dimmer screen.

Which is exactly why I said they stick with a tablet interface, like Surface / Shield Tablet / PS Tablet, because it's something they already know how to make, and can offers much better performance due to it's form factor, and a much needed bigger screen for gaming.

Literally taken from my post above:

"Sony and MS should simply make companion devices for their consoles that can stream games anywhere cross-play certain games."

The Vita is already the concept you're talking about, and it's failing, the shield as well. A tablet is an easy sell, because it's already known, a form factor consumers are use to, and has a bigger screen for gaming.

But all that is for not as with the Vita if there aren't exclusive to support the system. It's what drives Nintendo's handhelds with games like Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Mario Kart, Yokai Watch, etc...

Developing an exclusive for Vita on par with games like Uncharted Golden Abyss and Killzone, were nearly 1/3 the price of a full PS3 game and team (Straight from Sony), which is too much for devs to focus on with a game that at most will sell 1m copies.

At this point mobile technology is up there with the PS360Wii U, and respectively speaking games that push that hardware will cost nearly as much as those retail games.

And once again everything you mentioned Surface already does (PC streaming, and soon XBO streaming). So once again a cheaper, but still capable version of Surface with controls is the way to go, not a handheld. Leave that to Nintendo.

TXIDarkAvenger1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

I get what you're saying but I'd personally want a portable over a tablet due to its size along with a controller attached to the screen.

The Nvidia Shield portable is the same price as the starting price for Surface 3. If its possible to make a smaller device like Shield portable at a cheaper price, sounds like a product I'd be interested in. Again, I'm just speaking for myself. Might as well use my laptop over a tablet with better specs with the same portability.

Bigpappy1286d ago

They already have phones and tablets, and have already shown games running on Surface pro using Win10. So this article is pointless.

ABizzel11286d ago

Someone who gets it. Everything this article and people in here are saying is already done on a Surface Pro (PC streaming, XBO streaming coming soon, and HDMI), educate yourselves people before speaking.

There is no point in a handheld when MS's tablet already does all of this, simply make a entry level model of it, and rebrand it Xbox Tablet.

Just like Sony needs to do to their handheld line if they want to continue with it.

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warrior821287d ago

they should resurrect the game gear since the original xbox felt like dreamcast 2

MCTJim1287d ago

I have two of them :D I bought them off ebay with like 30 games for 10 bucks each. Boy oh boy do they eat batteries too. You need to be a wall hugger to use this device.

Dlacy13g1287d ago

Why would they do this? They have Surface Pro, they have windows 10 phones...there is 100% no reason they should entertain handheld gaming specific devices at this point.

vongruetz1287d ago

Microsoft doesn't even want to make phones... why would they make a handheld console?

That said, yes they should.

LifeInNZ1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Given their recent layoffs from last years acquisiton of Nokia I'm not sure where they will be taking their W10 platform on mobiles. The Surface is doing well but thats not priced at the general consumer. Lets also not forget their other mobile trainwreck that was the Zune.

To be honest, I would love it if MS had an ace up its sleeve like being able to easily install W10 on Android devices. Pair a controller with a modern tablet and you have a pretty damned good mobile gaming platform. Just need a service like XBox to start bringing more console style games!

I suppose since they have released Smartglass and Office apps on Android they might just release an XBox app for phones/tablets which gives access to the Xbox Store and Network....maybe?

Fro_xoxo1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

nawh.. nintendo runs that space. . not even sony could compete with the 3DS, let a lone Microsoft ^_^.

I like their focus on XO.
No point producing another platform only to neglect it like Sony did to the Vita.

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