Rumor: Nintendo not publishing Devil’s Third in North America

Rumor has it, that NOA won't be publishing Devil's Third.

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TheCagyDies1200d ago

Typical NOA, time for Xseed to step in.

pcz1199d ago

i think nintendo are deliberately sabotaging the game on wiiu to make it a NX launch release

.. then again, nintendo historically distance themselves from games like this. they did they same with eternal darkness when that came out. they were uncomfortable with the themes featured in the game and didnt want to associate with it.

it seems nintendo still have the same issues, they only want to be viewed in a family friendly light.

its difficult when they place themselves in a pigeon hole because just like disney, it restricts what they can do. they cant be seen publishing games which feature horror, violence or sexual content.

that is fine for them, they know their market.. which then raises the question to their more mature audience- is nintendo catering to you any more?

this is why sony and microsoft are dominating the market, because they dont put the same restrictions on the content they publish

LOL_WUT1199d ago

Well they just lost another sale. I was definitely picking this up but not anymore even if it's digital ;)

N4g_null1199d ago

Um i think splatoon might be the better game. Plus xseed or some one may pick it up. I only buy digital any way so. Xenoblade is coming anyway, along with fire emblem, then zelda. He will need more that blood and guts for it to sell. They have some serious heat multiplayer game wise now. mk8,splatoon, smash. I'll probably get fatal frame before this anyway, and fast racing. I gota bunch of indies to get too.

I believe some thing is going on with the development. We will see. I'd rather another laststory and pandora tower really.

What restrictions? like sony using a kick starter to fund a game and teasing another vaporware project in guardian? How is that internet connection going? Oh and where are the sony 1st party games? So far I got tons of nintendo first party games but I can't even get my god of war on with the ps4... What is going on with sony? If there wasn't any 3rd party support then I would say the ps4 is looking like the next vita... the senerio is almost the same. get a huge lead.... wait... wait... then don't release any games for it. I mean they have a paid internet service they better have port and localization money and time.

freshslicepizza1199d ago

look at the difference how sony treats the north america market compared to nintendo. night and day difference.

LazerShark1199d ago

Agreed. That is why I respect Sony and have a PS4 ATM. It's not used, but I already have my Wii U replacement, and it won't be the NX.

After the way Nintendo treated us with the U, they pretty much lost my trust.

1199d ago
RalphBlutawn1200d ago

I don't even know what's going on with Nintendo right now.

FallenAngel19841200d ago

Would Nintendo really fund a game to make it exclusive then not market it worldwide

Shinox1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

ONLY Nintendo do arrogant things like this to make themselves feel better , look at Fatal Frame and the way they market it they co-own the IP for no reason just to mess with fans from other consoles

spacedelete1199d ago

funny thing is Fatal Frame PS2 classics are still on PSN store even though Nintendo own the franchise.

DillyDilly1199d ago

This will be a NX launch title. Like Zelda will be

BrandanT1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Oh come on Nintendo.
What's wrong with you!?

Is it so wrong to do something that will make consumers happy? At least give it a digital release.

Erik73571199d ago

And everyone said I was crazy when I said they are launching their next gen console next year.

wonderfulmonkeyman1199d ago

No proof it is.
History, in fact, points towards the opposite, as does statements from Nintendo themselves.

Linking this story and that false assumption is stretching to the break point.

BrandanT1199d ago

If the quality of the software is the problem then I actually can't blame Nintendo for this. It's the developers' fault for not making the game up to par.

But the one thing I still don't get is why they are still releasing the game in other regions

N4g_null1199d ago

Like i said splatoon is the better game. It really is. This is just some thing for haters to post some bs about hating or being disappointed with nintendo LOL.

None of you bought ninja gaiden and you all said this guy sucked along with his sun glasses fetish LOL.. now you want his game and don't even have a wiiu.

I think the wiiu imaginary owner program is a smashing success! They are over 30 million strong it would seem. Why are these guys not playing their multiplats on the other systems?

Oh well it's their problem back to splatoon.

dark-kyon1199d ago

Even nintendo know what third party games don't sell in wii u.

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