Can Rise of the Tomb Raider compete with Fallout 4 on November 10?

Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider are releasing on the same exact day of November 10. Is Lara Croft about to face her biggest obstacle yet?

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gangsta_red1195d ago

Not going to lie...I'll be on the Fallout 4 side. TR looks cool but no way am I missing out on some long awaited fallout goodness.

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tinynuggins1195d ago

I'm saving fallout 4 for 2016. Way too many games to play this holiday and fallout 4 would consume all my time.

-Foxtrot1195d ago

Fallout 4 will take more of peoples time and will have much more replay value.

I just can't believe Microsoft are sticking with their planned date.

They did the same thing with Alan Wake...the SAME DAY as Red Dead Redemption.

I bet they complain about sales after....well Square will but Microsoft will most likely come up with a "We're very proud of them" speech.

tinynuggins1195d ago

How dare they be proud of them. The nerve. .

NewMonday1195d ago

MS cant change the date because of the timed contract, they are trapped, the surprise announcement of Fallout4 on the same day is the worst possible thing to happen

because of this TR will have a hard time getting the attention of X1 owners much less sell consoles.

zeuanimals1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )


Nobody said they shouldn't be proud, but should they be if the sales are bad? I mean, it's their collective faults if it sells bad. It might just create a strenuous relationship between SE and MS the same way Ubisoft feels about Nintendo.

Doesn't do much harm if they delay it and its only likely going to do some good by not having it be completely under Fallout's shadow. Sure, people who are looking forward to ROTR will be disappointed but I want to see the game not be a critical failure and with its current release date, it's got the telltale signs of one. There's not much to be proud of if they're just hurting the franchise.

Letthewookiewin1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Fox you are on point. We won't see another exclusive deal with MS and Square like this again. Guarantee Square is kicking themselves, there is now way MS put up enough money to cover the huge loss they are going to take not having their game on PS4. Then again I don't know if it would matter going up against Fallout 4 and COD.

Petebloodyonion1195d ago


And why Square are kicking themselves?

Because MS raised the Status of Rise of the Tomb Raiders to Must have AAA games instead of normal AAA games like Hitman, Assassin Creed and others

Because they have the windows of being the only advertise new action adventure game of 2015?

Just wondering?

ThePope1195d ago

I guess I'm confused does TR and Fallout compete for the same gamer? I would think not. I absolutely can't wait for fallout but depending on how many open world games I've played by then. Which is probably a lot. I'll be very much looking forward to a fantastic story driven game like TR.

I guess I'm not sure why people think both can't be successful???

HammerKong1195d ago

I'am a fallout fan and obviously gonna pick it up on the launch, but we can't underestimate tomb raider, we love fallout but lara is simply one the most famous character of gaming industry, so don't worry fallout is not gonna be any kind of nightmare to rise of tomb raider, both will sell equally great, tomb raider is gona sell great because it is a mainstream game just like cod, people use to buy them just for having some fun gaming hours.

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MehmetAlperTR1195d ago

Fallout is RPG Action.. Tomb Raider is Third Person Action adventure .. One is lemon, the other is apple..

gangsta_red1195d ago

Sure, but the same amount of time can be spent in the kitchen baking both lemon and apple pie.

I can only choose to bake one or the other at this moment.

zeuanimals1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Great analogy, now just put a $60 label on both the lemon and the apple to make it even easier for people to realize that getting both isn't a problem at all, especially when there are a dozen other great fruits releasing at the same time for the same price. Boy, I'm glad everyone in the world has an infinite supply of money for their fruits. /s

fanboysmackdown1195d ago

Yep, two entirely different games and I'll be buying both. Get tired of one, move onto the other.

iceman061195d ago

This is true. But, the apple pie has been sampled a couple of years ago. While the lemon pie hasn't seen the light of day in about 4 years.
I get that people CAN buy both (and some most likely WILL). But, not everybody is made of money. Some people have limits to their gaming budget. So, putting these two games out at the same time DOES create competition between the two...regardless of their inherent differences in genre.

XanderZane1195d ago

Yes, they are different and this is why both games will sell very well. No one is going to spend a month playing Tomb Raider to beat it. Where as you could be playing Fallout 4 for a long time. I'm getting both games. Beat Tomb Raider within a week and they jump onto Fallout 4. I don't see a problem with either of these games selling well. If this was Fallout 4 and say Skyrim or GTA VI, then there might be a problem.

Kingthrash3601195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Let's not forget both the lemon and the apple pies are pies..but one of those pies can only be baked by one particular oven..While the other can be baked my any oven of your there's on one hand you may have to buy an oven to bake a pie or you already have other ovens to bake the other...thus no new oven is needed to bake......ahhhhhhhhhhh you get the point.
Also one of these pies hasn't been baked in years so people want to taste that goodness they've been missing while the other has been baked twice in two years...last year's having better ingredients but overall same taste...

MehmetAlperTR1194d ago

Because of dissagrees i think Tomb Raider cant compete with Fallout 4...

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Nick_The_Slick1195d ago

What do you mean "side"? These two games are not the same genre.

gangsta_red1195d ago

*sigh*...Being on the Fallout 4 side, means I will be playing that game first.

DevilOgreFish1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Applying the same logic, I think ANY exclusive wouldn't be able to compete with a multiplat for sales.

fermcr1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Yep, releasing Tomb Raider on November 10 is just plain suicide. Fallout 4 is THE most expected game of the year.

Smart move would be releasing it beginning of October or beginning of December (not the same day as Just Cause 3).

... unless Microsoft has planed a super X1 bundle that we don't know about: X1 with Rise Tomb Raider and Fallout 4.
Or imagine this Bundle:
X1/TombRaider/RiseTombRaider/ Fallout3/Fallout4 (console with 4 games).

stuna11195d ago

Although that sounds good on paper, that would ultimately be a stupid move! Who is going to be willing to eat the cost of a bundle like that!? It sure won't the 3rd party makers of those games.

OldDude1195d ago

"Fallout 4 is THE most expected game of the year."

I would have to disagree, at least for most X1 owners. I would say Halo 5 is a larger release for the majority of X1 owners. Cant speak for Ps4 owners. F4, RoTTR and Halo5 will all sell on the platform, its a good holiday for X1 owners. Not saying it isnt on Ps4, as I am sure there is plenty to choose from there as well.

Bathyj1195d ago

I feel a little bad for Square? Crystal Dynamics. With the MS deal going head to head with Uncharted likely at least factored into their thought process. They probably realised it wasnt necessary after that got delayed but were happy that clash was avoided.

Now they turn around and its Fallout 4 that gonna pinch their sales and theyre limited to one console (well two if you count 360, its on 360 right?) you have to feel a little sorry for them. Still, they made their beds...

KiwiViper851195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

"Rise of the Tomb Raider On Xbox 360 May Not Release Simultaneously With Xbox One"

That's the last I heard.

ABizzel11195d ago

I don't, they chose to make the deal, and now they're stuck with it, and even if they release on PS4 in 2016, they now have to go up against the game they were trying so hard to avoid, and with TR being a 2nd hand game by then it's going to get completely destroyed by Uncharted 4 on PlayStation.

Smart move for MS, stupid of CD and Square, bad release date for MS.

rainslacker1195d ago

I only feel bad because I have a feeling that MS isn't going to spend a lot of time marketing the game this holiday. It's going to be all about Halo and GeOW remake and Forza. It's their big guns, and they have no reason to market ROTTR to counteract UC4.

On top of that, any money that MS agreed to pay for marketing has been at least half spent. They have had commercials with ROTTR featured since last years E3 announcement. MS isn't likely to go over budget on the marketing for this game.

But that's the way the industry goes. You can't predict everything, and sometimes deals don't work out the way you want them too.

Professor_K1195d ago

A delay is neccessary, TR sales are going to get devoured

KiwiViper851195d ago

Or bring it forward a week, so it doesn't seem like a delay and catch negative press.

Remember when Shadow of Mordor got brought forward?


Let's just say I rather be exploring vaults then tombs come november

Automatic791195d ago

TombRaider first then Fallout

thisismyaccount1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Are they really going to release both at the same time?! Pretty sure one will be delayed a week or two or even sold a month before/after.

Based on the e3 2015 Pre/Post Hype, FO4 seems to gain the most interest from the gamer. Personally not into a brighter version of FO3 made by Obsidian with Tower Defense and "Build you own Crib!" ;) but based on the hype, TR has no chance at all, FO4 will be avaib. on 3 platforms.

XanderZane1195d ago

I'll be on both sides. I have both games preordered for my XB1. It's going to be one incredible day when these games are released on Nov 10th. I'm taking that day off.

rainslacker1195d ago

It's not like people can only buy one. I think FO4 will stall ROTTR day one sales initially, but it'll probably do alright over the holidays. There are also people who don't care for FO games, and may just choose to buy ROTTR. Or they may not get either. It's not the first time that two big games came out on the same day, and it's very common for small games to come out on the same day as big midnight release games.

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Irishguy951195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Normally i'd side with the RPG, however...this is a besthesda "Rpg". Tomb Raider will get my buy.

Well, thats what id say, if I owned an Xbone

BluFish1195d ago

So much wrong with this comment.

PSdePHANSforz1195d ago

I wasn't aware opinions could be wrong. People have different tastes, you know.

Nosred1195d ago


Who likes adventure jora TR whom you wish more RPG will. For what and fan of both franchises had played both in my case.

But TR attracts a larger audience for being adventure, of course not despising Fallout.

Rimeskeem1195d ago

"TR attracts a larger audience"

I laughed at that

Unreal011195d ago


Look, come on man. We know you love your Xbox. But that comment is just ridiculous haha. You're quickly losing all credibility on this site.

My god, how can you honestly say Tomb Raider attracts a larger audience with a straight face? Baffling.

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DxTrixterz1195d ago

Let's see. Hmm Fallout 4 is coming out on XO,PS4 and PC. RotTR is only coming out so far on XO. So hmm NO.

deadpoolio3161195d ago

Its going to end up forgotten on any platform its on...I suspect that its going to get delayed because its stupid as hell for them to release TR during the same timeframe as Fallout, Halo, COD, etc...It might pick up sales once the PS4 port hits next year, but its not going to move alot considering everyhing its contending with

star_lancer1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

If a huge title like Tomb Raider can be forgotten because it's releasing in the same timeframe as COD & Fallout 4, I can only imagine how overshadowed and forgotten the 4th quarter PS4 exclusives will be, considering none of them are as well known as TR.

hazelamy1195d ago

i can't speak for anybody else, but much as i love the Tomb Raider series, and even if it was on PS4, my first choice would always be Fallout 4.

Letthewookiewin1195d ago

That's why I think it was screwed anyway. Honestly most of the other games too dropping around that time. I think people underestimate how big Fallout is.

Automatic791195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Seriously it seems all of you are forgetting how crowded this holiday is going to be. Tombraider doesn't compete against one games, in general any game in that window will compete against each other.