People Should Not Complain about the PS Plus Instant Game Collection

If it were different, most of us wouldn’t experience half of the independent and lesser-known titles that we do.

GamersFTW writes: "To clarify immediately, I am not suggesting that the PS Plus service itself should be immune from criticism. With the alarmingly- frequent downtime and yet substantial subscription costs, I’d argue that finger-pointing is entirely justified. What is more spurious, however, is the criticism of the Instant Game Collection for offering too many lesser-known and independent titles and not enough heavy-hitter, AAA games. There are a few reasons why these complaints are ill-founded, outlined below."

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cynicgamer1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Agree entirely. Indie games are the lifeblood of the industry and spur innovation. They take the risks that most AAA developers are too scared to do these days... because shareholders.

nX1195d ago

I'd rather consider new IP's the lifeblood of this industry but indies are the best platform for innovation and especially important these days to show people that there's more to gaming than CoD and FIFA.

xHeavYx1195d ago

This is news for me. I never heard anyone complaint about the Instant Game Collection (without counting the obvious trolls)

spacedelete1195d ago

absolute BS. just because its indy doesn't mean its good. only a very few indies are good games like SuperMeat Boy but the rest is shovelware. if you brought a PS4 for indies your a mug tbh.

nX1195d ago

According to your comment history you're* the mug though. You probably don't even understand the point of this article but still come here to post your nonsense, don't you think people know your agenda by now?

abradley1195d ago

Indie Games = Shovelware? Have you not played some of the modern AAA games? On almost every indie game I've ever played on console, has had no bugs. Instead they've focused on making the game as polished and enjoyability as possible.

I don't see that happening from the big boys! All I see is cash cowing dead ip's and bug ridden bundles of shit from everyone else.

I agree, PS+ is fantastic and yes, some months don't have much that I'm interested in. However not every game is made for me!

spacedelete1195d ago

@abrabradley if you want to play trash like Mousecraft over games like GTA then go right ahead but your a minority. you make it seem like every AAA game is terrible when thats not true at all. theres bad AAA games and good AAA games. if you like indies so much go play an ipad but i want real games that push the PS4 to its limit.

uth111195d ago

Of course not every Indie game is good. In fact I'd say most of them aren't. But there are enough awesome Indies that you shouldn't dismiss them entirely

Larry L1195d ago

This may sound like splitting hairs, but it's really not. There IS no "Instant Games Collection" anymore. There hasn't been for a LONG time. I've been a Plus member since Day 1, and I remember the IGC. The Instant Games Collection was many games for each platform all available for an extended amount of time which were slowly rotated out with major games staying for months. It was exactly that, a collection of games for new platform adopters without having to spend more money on games to play, something that probably holds new console purchasers back sometimes due to financial reasons.

How it is now certainly gives us more games for our money, however new PS4 gamers don't have the opportunity to grab games for Plus Months Past. Sony has had well over a year of Plus Months on PS4 now. I wish they'd bring back the more permanent Instant Games Collection with the big Plus games of the year like Drive Club, MGS:GZ and a few others, on top of the normal monthly offerings, to again have good games, right away, for free, to new PS4 adopters.

ThunderPulse1194d ago

I agree Indies are garbage most of the time I've liked a few but most would be in the bargain bin if they were retail games.

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fermcr1195d ago

"People Should Not Complain about the PS Plus Instant Game Collection"

If it's a paid service, people have every right to complain.

BTW, 99% of indie games out that are crap or shovelware.

Larry L1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Funny you should say that. I was just talking to a friend about how this generation, unlike the last, all the supposed "AAA" games that have come out over the last year or so have been completely broken crap, bordering on shovelware they're so bad. I don't even understand how alot of these games are getting through official product testing by Sony and MS because things are often broken/glitchy right from sometimes LITERALLY the damn title screens or very early into starting the games. GLARING issues, on HUGE games, on both sides of the fence, and from all developers and publishers. Right down the line from Destiny, to console exclusives like BloodBorn and HaloMCC, to FFX (how did this work perfectly on PS3 yet a PS4 PORT of the PS3 version is broken?!), to MMOs, racers like DC and PCars, SF, MK and KI all the major fighters broken at the start, the list goes on.........I mean EVERYTHING........all broken.

Did you notice what's NOT on that small list of examples of broken/glitchy/bugged-out games being sold to us consumers? Indie Games. They are the only games coming out that aren't broken and/or unplayable from Day 1 these days. And the truth is about indie games on consoles, we don't get the 95% of completely shite and pointless "games" that come out for phones. We tend to get the best of the best out there on the indie market......though I will say as a negative.......we do pay a premium for that filtering.

Luckily on PS4, a good sampling of the best indie stuff gets released for free through PLUS anyway.

ThunderPulse1194d ago

I agree PS+ has been losing its quality ever since PS4.

ChuckTheIceMan1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I agree, but what do you do when 99% of these games aren't worth playing? Even the good ones are just iPhone games.

vork771195d ago

are you saying awesome games like axiom verge is a Iphone game?

ChuckTheIceMan1194d ago

No I said most of them are not worth playing.

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MrSwankSinatra1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

If you're paying for a service then as a consumer you have every right to complain. If people want more AAA titles in their Instant Game Collection then that's their right as a consumer to complain. Personally I'd rather Sony drop Instant Game Collection all together and just focus on improving PSN.

BitbyDeath1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )


IGC is the reason people can stand paying for online.
You should never pay for just online, that would be stupid.

Get out with that.

MrSwankSinatra1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

All the games the come out in the IGC I already own or don't care about. So the IGC is as useless as a car without wheels imo.

DarkBlood1195d ago

Well just cause "you" already own most, it isnt exactly a good reason/excuse to wish they drop igc on everyone else.

abradley1195d ago

See MrSwankSinatra, if you own all the IGC games, does that mean every other gamer on the PSN does too?

Oh well, fuck them, I own everything. Let's get rid of IGC because who the fuck thinks about anybody else.

It's selfishness like that, that keeps everybody back in the dark ages.

Larry L1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Wow. Mr Swank is like.....the opposite of entitled. He's just like "I BUY EVERYTHING!!!! And so should YOU!" LOL. While I appreciate the sentiment that everyone should work for what they have, personally I'm one broke ass gamer. I've had my PS4 since the night the while PS4 Destiny bundle released, and I could count probably on one hand the games I've actually bought for it. Oh, there are plenty of games I want........I'm poor and our economy in America is being designed more and more evey day it seems to sap away every dime we make and leave us no money to save. So I have to be very niche on what I spend my money on. Only what I truly want the most.

So I absolutely RELY on my free plus games every month for all of my suplemental gaming needs. I once swore to the gaming gods that I'd never pay a subscription for an online service when I'm already paying for the internet. PLUS changed that. You absolutely can not argue with that kind of value. It's damn near unheard of anywhere else in any industry to get this kind of value for money as a consumer.

I am a Plus subscriber for the games more so than the online gaming, but it's both that makes it a comnplete package for me. Take away either and the value of the service goes out the window and I wouldn't resubscribe next year. As long as there are decent games availible to me if I want them (which I only ever even download maybe 50% of Plus games, if that) for my $50 a year, as far as I'm concerned the online gaming itself is still free just like on PS2 and PS3.

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JackStraw1195d ago

That's the problem with gamers now. Everything is subjective and revolves around you, as an individual consumer, as opposed to the community. So many of you feel entitled. "Hey, I don't like this feature so it sucks, get rid of it and give me what *I* want!" Yeah, it's not like you're a part of a community or anything.

abradley1195d ago

Exactly. People need to see things from a community view point and whats best for everyone, not just for individuals.

GamerGabs1195d ago

Certainly agree that Indie games deserve people's attention. Indie developers make the games they want to play and put all of their time and passion into the project. AAA companies are more into making things they think others want to play, while thinking passionately about the profits. Both have their great games, and 'shouldn't have been released yet' games. Essentially, it's nice to see that independently made games are beginning to get a bit more respect from the gaming world.

FallenAngel19841195d ago

We're not mad there are indies on PS+, its that they're taking the majority of the lineup when GWG which used to be behind in value is now regularly giving out multiple AAA games on a regular basis.

We have a right to complain.

nX1195d ago

I'll take Rocket League and Binding of Isaac over Gears and Assassin's Creed any day. I buy every AAA game that I want to play anyway while indies surprise me with their quality very often.

fermcr1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Sony should make a list of games for PS+ and let gamers pick the games they want.
Example: List with 2-3 AAA games and 2-3 indie games and let people pick 2 of those games.

BTW... telling everyone that you would pick Rocket League and Binding of Isaac over Gears and Assassin Creed, who are you trying to BS?
Would you pick Rocket League and Binding of Isaac over Uncharted and GOW?

If you are really that into to indies, then get a PC... you'll find thousands and thousands of indies, much better ones then on consoles.
If you are incapable of connecting a PC to a TV, then get a Steam Machine. There are cheap Steam Machines out there, capable of playing all those indie games on the TV. What are you waiting for?

No, I don't personally know you, but I know people like you.

nX1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

^You're implying way too much nonsense for someone who doesn't know me and obviously didn't understand the point of this discussion.

chrisco84au1195d ago


Funny how people disagree with you own simple personal prefernce of games. It's insane, you would rather Rocket League over Gears, yet somehow you are wrong?
Common sense isn't in play there.

I too would prefer Rocket League, not over Gears but over Assassins Creed. Why? Because I'm not a fan of the AC games, not for me.

On the flip side I would take Ori over God of War, fermcr, can you critize that the same way? I would prefer an XBONE indie aver a PS AAA game. Am I trying to BS everyone?

Or did your fanboyism just get shut down?

Sitdown1195d ago

That might be the case for you, but I rather get the games free that typically carry the higher price point..... which would often be the AAA titles.

uth111195d ago

The thing is, chances are anyone interested in Uncharted ( or Gears, or Assassins Creed) already owns them by the time they make it to these services. It might look like a win that you are getting an AAA title, but is it really a win if you own it?

Nobody had Rocket League the day it went on PS+, and its a very popular game. So that is a bigger win then getting an AAA launch title that you already own

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Caffo011195d ago

regularly? please make a list...

spacedelete1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

i think Sony should remove PS3 and Vita from IGC and focus on PS4 by giving one indie and one AAA game a month. this way indy hipsters are happy and people who like games that take advantage of the hardware are happy. its obvious they can't sustain 6 games a month when they resort to giving trash like Mousecraft and Entwined.

ginsunuva1194d ago

The issue is that this gen sucks and there are no AAA games anyways.

What are they gonna give out?

Sureshot1195d ago

People should not complain about people complaining

savaroth1195d ago

People should not complain about people complaining about people complaining. ERRR Take that inception!

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