Ken Masters Announced for Street Fighter V, First Screenshots and Trailer

Outside of Ryu, Ken Masters is the most recognizable male character from Street Fighter and now he's bringing his blonde locks to Street Fighter V, shown off in new screenshots and a trailer.

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Outsider-G1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Very sick! Looks like Akuma is being teased at the end

TXIDarkAvenger1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Doesn't look like it.

I suspect a new character or maybe it could be an existing character with a changed appearance due to this game taking place way after SFIV.

EDIT* Akuma doesn't have any markings on his face, his hair is red, doesn't have dreadlocks, no crimson eyes, and he wears a gi. IMO, the change would be way too different so it can't be him.

breakpad1197d ago

his new look is nice ..but they should give to Edayan (capcom artist) to make the faces

TXIDarkAvenger1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


If you're referring to Ken, then yes I 100% agree. The face seems kind of odd but I like everything else.


I don't know if its been confirmed where it takes place but people are saying

SF1 > Alpha > SF2 > SF4 > SF5 > SF3

PurpHerbison1197d ago

Why are people saying the game takes place between Third Strike and SF4?

Outsider-G1197d ago

Very true. This character looks entirely new to the series

Brazz1196d ago

TXIDarkAvenger > take a look at ken's cloths and fighting style man, i'm more inclined to think that SFV comes after SFIII so, i think things are going to be...

SFI > alpha > SFII > SFIV > SFIII > SFV

bouzebbal1196d ago

Badass ! It looks epic.

GearSkiN1196d ago

that teaser at the end looks like E Honda...

Septic1196d ago

Oh man I want this so bad. New Ken looks sick!

breakpad1196d ago

@TXID ..yes to Ken i m be honest i wanted a more anime and younger look for all the chars like Alpha series was

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081197d ago

I kept pausing the video just to see who it was! look like akuma,
but looking at it closer, he got long hair coming down from the side.
So it could be him, or a new character coming.

KwietStorm1197d ago

I took a screenshot, and his eyes look either green or yellow, plus he has some marks on his face and what looks like long braided hair. I got excited for nothing.

Outsider-G1197d ago

Same lol. Akuma is my favorite character and I got excited at the end. The structure of his face resembled Akuma and I was too quick to say it was him.

iNcRiMiNaTi1196d ago

It's probably e-honda and not akuma because of the face paint

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FamilyGuy1196d ago

The hair is changed and actually looks better!
Usually changed make characters look worse after being use to them for so long but this one is great and the game itself looks great too.

GameBoyColor1197d ago

Haha ken looks like a beast.

gangsta_red1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Hot damn, now that was cool. Love the new look.

Glad to see that Capcom really separated him from Ryu. A dive kick?

For some reason seeing him do a dive kick reminded me of Robert Garcia from KoF. And he's sporting an under garmet like Ryo...I wonder if those are nods to KoF/Art of Fighting?

Can we get a confirmation on some Guile?

Sm00thop1197d ago

This game is going to be epic, Urien and Bison are the two I'll be playing. Bit gutted I got to shell out on a PS4 just to play it, but I'm a massive fan and Sony got a sale off me just with this game.

gangsta_red1197d ago

Yea, Sony paying for third party exclusivity was huge win for them in regards to being the only console to play the latest SF.

Can't wait to see what Urien looks like.

miyamoto1196d ago

Uhm.... you got it wrong,pal.

Capcom approached Sony to "help fund" the development of SFV is very very different than MS paying Square Enix for ROTTR timed exclusivity.

gangsta_red1196d ago

Sorry Miyamoto, the whole "help fund" is exactly why you put it in quotes. Sony paid for exclusivity, if you really believe or think Capcom approached Sony then send me 55k and I'll hand you the deed to the Brooklyn bridge.

IamTylerDurden11196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )


Whether Capcom approached Sony or it was mutual this is entirely different than ms throwing $ at Squenix last minute for 3 months of exclusivity. Sony is helping to fund the game and offering Capcom support in developing it on PS4. This game exists in part bc of Sony, entirely different from the RotTR deal w/ms.

They are helping to fund the game and obviously they get console exclusivity along with that. Didn't Nintendo do this with Bayonetta 2? SFV will never be on xbone, Rot Tomb Raider will be on PS4 3-4 months after release. Miyamoto has a point, don't disparage him.

Ken looks awesome, i love the new look he is very much his own man now, no longer a blonde Ryu.

gangsta_red1196d ago

You guys are both wrong and trying desperately to make it sound like Sony is the good guy and not doing the same thing MS has been crucified for in the past.

No matter how you spin it, warp it and wrap it in a nice xmas paper, Sony threw money at Capcom for exclusive rights. You can say "help", "capcom approached them" or anything else to try and differentiate this from what MS did but it's all false.

Besides, don't know why MS or TR was even brought up since I never mentioned any of those in my comments. More paranoia I guess.

"Didn't Nintendo do this with Bayonetta 2?"

No, Bayonetta 2 had no chance of ever releasing. SF5 did, huge difference.

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Rookie_Monster1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Agreed Sm00thop,

Even though I am dead set on the PC version, I just might have to double dip and get the version for my PS4 as well as I like to take my compact PS4 console when I am traveling and it would be nice to be able to just hook up to WiFi and play it in my hotel. SfV and Uncharted 4 are 2 of my top games for early 2016. You will have no regret with a PS4 as it has tons of great games lined up for 2016 that you can't play anywhere else.

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