How Shenmue III will damage other Kickstarters

"The existence of Shenmue III (via Kickstarter) was revealed to unanimous applause at SONY‘s E3 2015 press conference last month, but while many have gotten caught up in the hype, they have failed to realize the negative implications that this move has."

Gamespresso's Steve argues that promoting a Kickstarter on a big stage will deal more damage to the industry than meets the eye.

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Kayant1195d ago

"hat’s not to mention how unfair this whole activity is on other development studios. Isn’t the point of a Kickstarter that anyone can have their project funded? But when the big studios start to exploit this, won’t the small ones peter out? " - When did become a big studio? And there is no pre-defined requires for Sony size in order to be funded by Kickstarter.

"What chance does a small Kickstarter have if all the money is being invested into a project which will end up being published by a huge name like SONY? Could SONY not have funded the project itself as opposed to having the arrogance to promote the money-grabbing scheme in its own briefing?" - As much as your arrogance and complete lack of professionalism in your trade of being a games "Journalism" to know Sony is not publishing the game none do they receive any money from kick starter or are the sole investor in the project.

Your opinion is flawed and based on so many wrong assumptions and lack of research. This is not the first time a publisher or external party has helped a project none would it be the last or would this affect the future of other projects.

Thatguy-3101195d ago

Exactly!!! People are up and arms for literally no reason. People want the game and they're helping by funding it. Sony will help too in order to make the vision come to life. Articles like these are the ones that are making damage.

Army_of_Darkness1195d ago

I say the game the author of this story is trying to Kickstart isn't getting any attention that's why he's so bitter lol!

OB1Biker1195d ago

Yea I agree. This post could be summed up with the last sentence :

..'do me a favor by choosing not to back a Kickstarter of Shenmue III’s ilk.'

Crystal clear arrogant 'opinion piece'

MasterCornholio1195d ago

What is wrong with those people?

Its like it bugs them so much that Sony announced the Shenmue 3 kickstarter at their conference.

The game is getting made which is what many fans of the franchise want.

FallenAngel19841195d ago

I seriously don't see what's so special about Shenmue 3 that everybody would rather find it over other Kickstarter projects. I'd rather fund Yooka-Laylee since I'm more familiar with the source material as are a lot of other gamers.

die_fiend1195d ago

Well have you played Shenmue 1 and 2?

plmkoh1195d ago

Did the thought that other people might be "more familiar with the source material" with Shenmue as you are with Yooka-Laylee?

Or does the world revolve around you.

CernaML1195d ago

Couldnt have said it better myself.

CernaML1195d ago

"I'd rather fund Yooka-Laylee since I'm more familiar with the source material as are a lot of other gamers."


Melankolis1195d ago

It's ok buddy, not everyone's taste are the same. Same goes for me, i'm not interested in Yooka.

Volkama1195d ago

Interesting that you mention Yooka-Laylee.

Personally I don't like to see games that are effectively already backed and funded being paraded around kickstarter for crowdfunding. It doesn't sit right with me.

But that applies to Yooka-Laylee too, as external funding was already secured for that project before the kickstarter. The Sony-Shenmue thing gets all the media attention because hating on Sony provokes a big response, but it's not like Shenmue is the only example of the scenario.

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ltachiUchiha1195d ago

See for me I feel that a kickstarter for games that are classics are more meaningful to gamers because we KNOW what to EXPECT from the game & what were GETTING compared to a small team just tryin to fund a NEW PROJECT that we dont know what to EXPECT out of it. I would rather spend money on a game I wanted a sequel to then wste it on an average or new game were not even SURE will be ANYGOOD.

Aloren1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

"I would rather spend money on a game I wanted a sequel to then wste it on an average or new game were not even SURE will be ANYGOOD"

Yet when you call something "KICKSTARTER", it sounds like it's meant to be used for new games we're not even sure will be any good rather than for AAA sequels (which, to be fair, we're not even sure will be any good either).

Also, you might know what to expect, but you don't know what you're getting any more than with a new project. Shenmue was a really really expensive game, and it's gonna take a lot more than a few million bucks to get a worthy sequel. I hope they'll keep the crowdfunding going on through other means (like RSI did with star citizen).

ltachiUchiha1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I can agree with that but I forgot to also add that I am also helping fund shenmue because I enjoyed 1 & 2 very much. I feel if the dev has a good history with the games they create, most likely I will enjoy the game. So yes if their track record is good most likely the game will be good. It would be a different story if it was a different director beind the game then id be more skeptical but its the original director so i have faith it will be a good game.

iceman061194d ago

The game WILL take more than what they have raised. This is a fact. However, it won't approach the numbers that it did over 15 years ago. Changes in technology will allow this game to be made much cheaper. It's already been said that Sony isn't the only "outside investor". Sony simply added some type of partnership deal on top of it's support.
As for kickstarter as an idea, I'm sure that it was initially meant (idealistically) as you stated. But, things evolved. Not all kickstarters are equal. You see former devs of HUGE studios asking for money these days for projects that they couldn't get made while they were at their respective studios. (such is the case with Yu Suzuki) IMO, I see kickstarter as the ultimate way to vote with your wallet. It's a way to get games made that are directly related to YOUR interests, as opposed to letting studios dictate to you what you are going to want and like.

rebeljoe141195d ago

Don't even remember the story of the game, I just remember jumping and dodging a lot

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