Ken will be in Street Fighter V but won't be a shoto?

Doing the Street Fighter V panel at SDCC 2015, Capcom has announced that Ken Masters (may favorite SF character btw) will in fact make an appearance in Street Fighter 5. However it seems that he won’t be the same old Ken we’re used too. In fact it’s being reported that he is no longer a Shoto and plays differently. Come again? This is the same Ken that tried along side Ryu, how the hell is he not a shoto anymore?

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waltyftm1294d ago

He is a shoto, and a very fast looking one, love his design.

Abash1294d ago

As if Ken couldn't be anymore badass, love the new look and his revamped gameplay

waltyftm1294d ago

Always been a fan of Ken, SFV gets better and better with every reveal.

NewMonday1294d ago

actually a good thing he is more than just a Ryo re-skin

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1294d ago

Can't wait to re-learn Ryu and Ken all over again and punish all comers with an onslaught of combos.

Septic1293d ago

I get to play this tomorrow. Can't wait> I hope Ken is available in that build!

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gangsta_red1294d ago

That would be cool if they didn't make him a shoto. Nice change up from the regular SF if true.

KryptoniteTail1294d ago

Sounds like someone isn't a hardcore Street Fighter fan, let alone someone who uses Ken.

gangsta_red1293d ago

I have to be a hardcore SF fan to welcome a change to long existing character?

chrisx1293d ago

I don't even understand what u tryna say. Do u know what a shoto is?

gangsta_red1293d ago

If Ken doesn't use the shoto style then that would be cool. What is there not to understand!?

KryptoniteTail1293d ago

Uh, yeah, you do have to be a hardcore fan to welcome change because any noob who just worships alterations for the sake of alterations is the reason the industry is in peril. If you want drastic changes like Zangief not being a grappler or Ryu not being shoto then there better be a better reason than "LOL JUS' CUZ."

gangsta_red1293d ago

Well you made little to no sense.

The industry is not in peril and after how many years of Ken just being an altered Ryu it's noice to see that his style is drastically different from Ryu's.

So that is my reason to see a welcome change, better than others who put "uR nOt a TrU Xcore SF faN!!!"

KryptoniteTail1293d ago

Ken started out as a Ryu clone but even by Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and especially by HD Remix, he had already been significantly changed enough to be his own character. Enter SF3:TS and there's more differences than similarities, and by USF4? They're only the same to a casual like you.

To alter his style so drastically as to eliminate his shoto heritage is TOO much change. He is different enough. Quit crying about him being merely an altered Ryu, it's sad because you literally don't know what you're talking about by your own admission. All you know is what you see.

As for the peril I mentioned, it isn't a financial peril but one of casuals saturating the market and altering our experiences. Ever since the Wii and Mobile gaming exploded we've seen more and more of our games being changed, dumbed down, and straight up neutered thanks to the input of people who just frankly don't matter to anyone but the companies who are making money.

Your opinions on Street Fighter don't count. You aren't part of the FGC, at least SF's, so you're welcome to your opinion but don't pretend it has any weight whatsoever.

gangsta_red1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

So your opinion of what ken should be is more valuable than mine? Okay, I didn't know that you were the end all be all authority on who can say what about a given subject on SF.

And the only person that is crying here is you. I simply said it would be cool to see a drastic change in Ken, then here you come all fire and brimstone throwing tables over saying that too much change is ruining the industry(huh?), saying I'm not a true SF fan, and anything else i glossed over and just laughed about.

And I'm not part of the FGC? Lmao, you are definitely drunk son, see me in Sunnyvale at Golfland and I dare you to say that to my face.

Now go home and be a family man.

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KryptoniteTail1294d ago

Don't screw this game up, Capcom...

blackblades1293d ago

What are you.... talking about. It's been all good news so far.

KryptoniteTail1293d ago

Traditional characters changing style, characters looking bad (Cammy got severe backlash, and I personally dislike Ken's appearance even MORE), and there's talk of environmental damage (which isn't bad in itself but cold get out of control, I don't want it to copy Injustice).

Overall it's looking pretty sweet. I like Bison's new design, the speed of the game seems okay, and I hear the combo inputs are buffered which is the best news I ever heard for a Street Fighter game. Don't think I am talk the series down but I won't be blind to potential issues either. We really won't know anything in concrete until we actually play the game.

That said, I have faith they won't mess anything up.

blackblades1293d ago

They need a style change, Ken felt like a clone to ryu just a different color clothes. Cammy only had a backlash from the Japanese cause she wasn't anime enough. Environmental damage please there was some in SF2 and pretty sure they ain't going have them get thrown through walls and buildings that was injustice.

icewater851293d ago

It says in the picture that he is a shoto. "The hot-headed Shoto fighter returns!".