3 Xbox Bosses Explain the Secret of the Original Xbox Hard Drive - Podcast Unlocked

Phil Spencer, Peter Moore, and Seamus Blackley reveal how a certain "chief" game on the original Xbox wouldn't have happened without the hard drive in the first Xbox.

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curtis921198d ago

Feel like Phil probably had a LOT more to add to their stories but... you know... he still works there.

slate911198d ago

Was such an epic podcast. I just wish they touched on the Don Mattrick story lol, but he's human and made a mistake.Good class not to rub it in, even though he single handedly almost ruined the xbox brand lol

ABizzel11198d ago

It wasn't just him who made a mistake, there were multiple people in on that decision, he was the head of Xbox at the time and the scapegoat. Plain and simple. If anyone was to go it should have been Balmer.

gangsta_red1198d ago

He was the head and should have been able to see the writing on the wall. As management you need to make those decisions. He went along with the plan and as head it was definitely his fault.

Balmer left too.

slate911198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

But wasn't Ballmer CEO of all of Microsoft? Head of Xbox would of course go through him, but it was Mattrick's vision to go the way they did with Xbox. Was Ballmer going to say no to him after his Kinect sold 10 million devices? I don't think he would.

And after the praise that Peter Moore gave Ballmer during this podcast, Ballmer seems like an OK person. Especially after Ballmer gave the go ahead for the 1.1 billion dollar rescue for the RROD with no hesitation when Peter Moore came to him.

ABizzel11198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )


LMAO, they have you fooled. Peter Moore was running with Ballmer the entire time, why do you think he ended up going to EA, just like Ballmer had Stephen Elop go to Nokia. Elop bankrupted Nokia and MS bought them out, and Elop got his Executive job back at MS afterwards. And now another MS Executive "Moore" has moved to another company MS tried to acquire early on, coincidence is it not.

Ballmer was the one who put Mattrick in that position.

Ballmer was the one who pushed for the Nokia deal, sent Elop over there, and fired off their work force, forced them to work on Windows phones, and Windows phone still died at market.

Ballmer was the one who pushed for all the changes in Windows 8 towards mobile (again for Windows phone), and ruined the desktop OS early on.

He "allegedly" threw a chair across the room because one of his best employees was leaving for Google.

Ballmer was completely against the Xbox at first, and it was Bill Gates who was CEO at the time, who pushed for it to happen (although it was suppose to be less of a games console and more of a media box at the time).

During Ballmer's turn as CEO of MS the company's revenue was literally almost cut in half with an annual revenue of $9B from Windows, $10B from apps, networking, and services, and just shy of $3B from consumer purchases. 10 years later after Ballmer's take over revenue from Windows dropped down to less than $6B, ANS dropped down to less than $5B, and they haven't posted consumer purchase because Windows Phone, Surface RT, Zune, eBooks, and other ventures were all failures (literally Xbox & Surface Pro are their only consumer products that sell).

Everything invested in by Ballmer has slowly failed. SKYPE, Internet Explorer, everything.

SKYPE has nearly 300m users with 34m active. Seems great, well 5 years ago (before the buyout) they had 660m users and 100m active.

Internet Explorer have been overtaken by Chrome as the most used browser, and Safari is gaining more and more marketshare from it while IE continues to decline.

RRoD needed no debate, because MS was being threatened by millions of people all joining in a Class Action Lawsuit for intentionally selling them a faulty product. They had no choice but to do the right thing, and it took them nearly a year to even recognize it.

Worst of all MS was worth $640 Billion during Bill Gates run as CEO ended. Ballmer is now retiring and the company is now worth $340 Billion. That's a $300 billion loss under the reign of Ballmer.

Ballmer was the worst thing to happen to MS, and once again he should have been gone. Mattrick and others hurt the Xbox brand, Ballmer cost the company $300 Billion. There's nothing praise worthy of Ballmer, or MS current board during his run for letting all this happen.


Ballmer had the pleasure of retiring not being fired like he should have been years ago by the board, but that's what happens when you have money hungry people in control leeching from the company and the employees.