10 Memorable PlayStation Crossovers

PlayStation fans have seen some of their favorite characters pop up in some unexpected places over the years. For example, we’ve seen the God of War rip out spines, drive go-karts, and even hit the links. These PlayStation crossovers are always amusing, even if they are often used to sell pre-orders nowadays.

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FallenAngel19841195d ago

It really is a shame PlayStation-All Stars didn't live up to its full potential. That game's purpose was to celebrate the PS brand's legacy and it fell short in so many ways.

Wedge191195d ago

Crossovers are always fun and interesting. Love to see familiar faces or objects crop up in other universes.

DualWielding1195d ago

Ironically the best Playstation cross over ever is Project X Zone, a 3DS game

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1194d ago

really? Didnt know that game had Sony characters
oh I forgot third parties characters are owned by sony/s

DualWielding1194d ago

it didn't had Sony owned characters of course, but it had characters from multiple games that were Playstation exclusives like Valkyria Chronicles, .Hack and God Eater


Sony actually does an amazing job in this department. There are so many I can't remember them all.