7 underhanded tactics for mastering Gwent (as Northern Kingdoms)

The Witcher 3's collectible card minigame Gwent is super fun, but difficult to play if you don't either have a great deck or a good strategy. This guide provides 7 shady tips for improving your Gwent game, while playing as the Northern Kingdoms faction.

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fenome1199d ago

Decoys, spies and the medic. Use the first round as a 'throw away' and use up your spies, hopefully the other player will play some too so that you can use the decoy and use it back against them. If you don't end up with spies, then hope for decoys and the medic, because once you use the medic you can get her back with the decoys and keep playing her and getting new cards out of your discard pile.

I've used every card in my deck before when both me and my opponent had a bunch of spies and decoys.