DeNA: We Can "Change The Market" With Nintendo

In a recent interview, the CEO of DeNA West, Shintaro Asako, said that he believed the company's partnership with Nintendo could completely "change the market."

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N4g_null1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I'm sure they can but will there be a game to compete with what is currently selling or will they open the door to real console games?

Or will there be a group of different hardwares that create the NX experience? Will NX be a network or account system? 500 roms on your phone? Maybe not that but the combined r and D, the wiiu being very capable and not getting to see it due, the new 3ds has not fully been pushed yet has it?

fuji is coming, hbm rocks, miyamoto is going back to game design, new teams are showing their stuff. Iwata did not even make it to E3, some thing big has to be in the works.

I see some serious ways nintendo could trump a few people.

The mobile stuff will only help them improve game pad and new 3ds game play design with touch screens. Hmm what if the new gamepad is coming to enable dual game pad play? What if is is a stand along system that also plays mobile games? Imagine mobile with game pad like sticks and button OH my god!

Ok the development environment gets unified. release a new 3ds game and bam i can but it on the wiiu also. What if we get a miniature wiiu as the next handheld... nx is suppose to absorb the wiiu tech... im for that.

What happen when nintendo brings back the now you are playing with power? what if they come out with a PCI card for the PC for $150 then let you spec your own system out. Nintendo has to know that their true fans are old, like 30 plus years old we have PCs. Let us put some nintendo inside LOL. Mario 3d on the unreal engine confirmed!

Hell then we can get the console version once prices settle down a bit.

N4g_null1199d ago

AMD Radeon Fury X
GPU Cores / Shaders 4096
4GB Stacked HBM
total Memory Bandwidth 512GB/S
Compute Performance 8.5TFLOPS*

They would only need a apu or cpu that could keep up on the high end side of things. This card will be 1000 to 600 once it comes out. That is enough bandwidth for the cpu to just share the video card memory. It is quite over kill. this is where the future is going though. In two years nvidia will launch an even faster card. the price would drop to 300 easy.

What if nintendo struck a deal to include NX compatible daugther card so you could play wiiu/wii and future nx games for 150 extra?! What if they did the same with nvidia?

These are exciting times. We will see what all happens.

LOL_WUT1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Dude you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Weren't you the same person trying to hype up the WiiU specs with misinformation? Look at how that ended up so chill. ;)

N4g_null1198d ago

No im not setting my self up for disappointment.... it's just speculation... I'll be getting amd and nvidia new hbm cards so i'll be fine. Im only talking about the possibilities.

this is a chance for nintendo to dispell the not powerful myth the yoputh have. Will they take it probably not but the tech is there waiting, you wouldn't even have to get a game pad if you already own one.

I'm waiting for final specs, I want them to go big and leave it to the enthusiasts like my self to play in the high end with some exotic tech.

also nintendo main aim is to raise mobile game quality. You guys do realize you are judging dena with out playing any of their games right?

Nope I was actually right about the wiiu specs. They did not go apu, they also had multiple versions of the system. I have an old and new kit on my desk right now. even miyamoto admited that the screen controller was way more than they expected.

The question is why did they say change... this is more than hardware... I believe. I'll be the first in line to say if it sucks though.

Sorry have to go back to splatoon, just taking a break, man are these some close matches!I'm sorry you shouldn't miss out on the wiiu, no one will stop you from playing all of your systems so why not get the best games and get your eye candy, expensive yep, but hey this is a hobby work harder like Ken of sony said! Greatness surely is worth waiting on.

-Foxtrot1198d ago

But will that change be good or bad? That's the real question

LazerShark1198d ago

The only thing I am expecting from this partnership is "You are out of lives for the day, to continue playing Mario please pay $1, or save and get a bundle of 10 lives for $4.99."

Skate-AK1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Don't forget for $5 you can permanently be Fire Mario.

lemoncake1198d ago

Part of me wants this to be good but I am kind of expecting the usual cash grab mobile games re themed to Nintendo: Mario endless runner; hay day or clash of clans clone; Dr Mario candy crush clone.

Shinox1198d ago

In other words "lets ruin the gaming industry before we leave"

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