‘Call Of Duty’ Fatigue Overblown? ‘Black Ops 3’ Rated As Top Buy For Gamers This Year

INQ: Sales of the Call of Duty franchise have not done as well since Black Ops in 2010. This has led some to believe that gamer fatigue with the annual series has steadily set in. A new survey of gamers released Thursday by analyst firm Piper Jaffray disputes the fatigue argument though as a survey pegged Black Ops III as the title gamers are most excited for this year.

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Rimeskeem1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

1. its treyarch
2. zombies

main reasons why I'm buying it

pedrof931224d ago

3. Ps4 is now the home of CoD.

Rimeskeem1224d ago

eh, it;s not that to me, I just really like treyarch and zombies

venom061224d ago

of course CoD fatigue has set in.. This new one is pretty much CoD AW just with crap taken from other games to make it "seem" different. The thing is, SOO many people depend on CoD for their financial well-being and put food on their table, that it get HYPED and PROMOTED beyond belief, only for folks to bitch and whine 3-4 months in. IT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR. There's many other games coming out this November that are bound to be more fun and just as entertaining. But people's financial life isn't direly depending on those, they wont get NEARLY the hype and promotion. I doubt the validity of this survey when there FALLOUT 4, HALO 5, BATTLEFRONT coming out in that same time frame

medman1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Despite "Cod fatigue", it will still be among the top 3 selling titles of the year, as it is every year. I haven't bought a Cod since Blops II, but millions upon millions of gamers still do buy it, every year. The same is true for games like Madden, or Assassin's really doesn't seem to matter how badly the series fumble or stumble, people still buy there new iterations every year.

ginsunuva1224d ago

Reminds me of a certain other game:

1. it's bungie
2. open-world

main reasons why I'm buying it

jay21224d ago

It's COD you can keep it!

scark921224d ago

Zombies is a massive push for Call of Duty nowadays.. not for me however!

showtimefolks1224d ago

It's gonna sell and break recession for sales in first 24 hours like always. What people just don't get is we don't matter. By we I mean core gaming community, there are more casuals than core gamers

We all have friends who only buy madden,fifa and call of duty. To them each new entry is the best. They are who will be targeted by Sony when it comes to advertisement

It's amazing that on every call of duty article we have majority of comments saying I don't play cod anymore. And I don't either, last one I bought was modern warfare.

Yet without our support it keeps selling. That's why I believe sony will be helped a lot by cod when it comes to selling consoles

franwex1224d ago

Yep, nailed it. Most COD players are not here, discussing and analyzing thematic elements of videogames

Master-H1224d ago

Well, the last 2 CoD games I've bought at launch and sold either a couple weeks or couple months after. To say I was disappointed by them would be an understatement.

U still have a CoD itch that needs scratching, so hopefully Treyarch developers like they're used to.

Pre ordered (for free) on Amazon to get a beta key and try it out next month. If it's meh, I'm definitely going to cancel that but we'll see.

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