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OnlySP: It was the Summer of 1989, Batmania was sweeping the universe; at least that’s how it felt to a 9-year-old child. This is back when you waited more than 2 weeks for a theatrical release to hit “home video”. So, being of modest means, it would be a long wait after seeing it in the theater and for the price of VHS at the local Tower Records & Video store (yes they had stores way back when kids) decreasing from their exorbitant $80-90 price, before I could get my fix again. This is all according to my rapidly aging and fuzzy memory.

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SlightlyRetarted1222d ago

Nah, i think Rocksteady Batman games released from best to worst.

liamb251222d ago

at least your comments are in-line with your name

SlightlyRetarted1222d ago

I would rather play well thought level design, have actual boss fights, stealth through far superior predator rooms, solve better riddler trophies, than fucking do Batmobile tank stealth missions, Burnout copy chase missions, or have anything to do with iPad tier gameplay tank battles where you dodge blue or red lines while shooting 2 main guns. But maybe that's just me.

Bimkoblerutso1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I'm with SlightlyRetarted. The first game was focused, Metroidvania-like gameplay at it's best. City needlessly opened things up resulting in a lot of added fluff, and then Knight went a step further by adding even more fluff, and Michael Bay explosions and shooting sections.

I still loved the good parts of Knight, but sadly those parts were the same aspects that Asylum consisted of all the way through.

brokenbracket1222d ago

Building a PC and got a free code for this game. I also got Shadow of Mordor, which one would you guys recommend I play first? And are there still bugs with the PC version? --- probably why they're giving it away for free basically lol

PockyKing1222d ago

I'd play Shadow of Mordor first. The game hasn't officially been re-released yet for PC, so the bugs haven't been fixed as of now.