Wow, Hololens' field of view is... not great

You know how Microsoft always show its Hololens AR visor like its the holodeck from Star Trek? Yeah, it's nothing like that. Here's what you're really getting.

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Gazondaily2759d ago

The limited FOV kills it for me. Maybe a few years down the line they can actually get it running how it should be. For now, I'm not interested. Pretty misleading on MS' part

TheLoCoRaven2759d ago

I'm not sold on AR at all. AR has never been used well yet by anything. I'm holding out hope that VR will be decent though. AR seems like a gimmick to me.

OldDude2759d ago

Of course it seems like a gimmick to you, MS is working on it, not Sony.

TheLoCoRaven2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

@OldDude Sony already has done AR with the PS4 camera and Vita. AR isn't anything new. Its never done anything worth a damn on a sony platform either. Keep your fanboy shaming to yourself.

Edit: The best thing about the AR so far is that it allowed people to broadcast themselves with the PS4 camera and put on their own shows or booty shake all night. Without the Playroom for the AR they probably wouldn't have added a "broadcast yourself" feature.

MSBAUSTX2759d ago

They are all gimmicks dude.

MSBAUSTX2759d ago

I love the disagrees. So many of you people claim that Nintendo is failing because the gimmicks and want them to make a "traditional console with just a controller" and then turn right around and talk about VR and AR like they are great things. Some of you are the same people up in arms over the lack of split screen in the new halo because it takes away the human interaction and being able to play with a friend. Now you want to strap something to your face and play games on it? Good luck playing split screen on a VR headset LOL!

Also these are going to be uncomfortable. People complain about the Wii U gamepad being uncomfortable to hold. Imagine how crappy your eyes and cheeks are going to feel when you try to wear this for more than an hour strapped firmly enough to your face that it doesnt move around.

So many contradictions and complaints that dont match up with what so many people's comments say. Its like some people on this site forget what they have complained about because they complain so much. What a joke.

Fact of the matter is that these GIMMICKS are going to be so expensive that tons of people wont buy them. They will require tons of processing capabilities that some games wont looks as good as they could. Thats why MS used it to show Minecraft instead of a higher visual quality game like project spark or something.

Bottom line is you cant say that something that isnt a traditional console and controller is a gimmick and then think AR and VR arent gimmicks too. They arent traditional because they dont come with the console and wont be compatible with every game. So since they are a special add on they are a gimmick. Some Gimmick swork and some dont. That is a fact of our world. Whether these will work or not, I cant say. But I do know that I will never own one because it is a gimmick just like dual screens and motion controls. This is just a kinect that you strap to your face. Sounds great (sarcasm)

2759d ago
jmc88882758d ago


Jesus, you haven't even thought through that with VR you can have split screen without the split screen right?

Two people with VR or one on tv, could play each other...and each have their OWN screen.

Personally I'd rather have two screen playing then splitting my screen in two, and knowing my opponent can look at what I'm doing and glean an advantage.

So, no... the BEST way to play 'split-screen' is with none at all, and you will only get that with a device that can support multiple VR or VR+HDTV.

I know for a fact it could work like that on PC.

The weight of the device may drag on people, it may not. Depends how heavy it is. If it's 10 lbs, yeah, about an hour or two is about all you'll get out it, and maybe quite a bit less for some people....wait...Oculus Rift seems to be 380 grams.

That means the Rift is less then a pound. ~13.4 oz.

That's pretty frickin light. So no, I don't think that's going to hurt too many people, and over time you will slightly build muscle to compensate for that.

Wii U gamepad is different. It's big, it's bulky, and at least my fingers are out of alignment the way they make you hold it. The Wii U pro pad is much better.

That said holding something out is one thing, having it on your head is NOT the same thing. Why do people think women in Africa put stuff on their heads of ALOT of weight and then walk for many miles. Because it's easier to do that then carry something with your arms that long.

Also, with the Wii U gamepad, you know you can rest it in your lap right?

You'll still be able to use your 360 controller or DS4 or X1 controller or Steam controller with many of the VR games. Sure some will have motion controls, or at least have that be an option, but games will still use controllers.

People railed against motion controls because it changed precise gaming into flailing, tiring, non-accurate gaming.

VR does no such thing.

Whose to say that in the future, they won't have bundles with these in the box?

You can do what you want, but VR is not a gimmick. No one was clamoring for motion controls. People my age, and older have been clamoring for VR since the late 1980's.

VR is not anything close to motion controls.

AR still needs a lot of work. It needs a bigger FOV. It just does.

Viper72758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

AR Still has plenty of potential as Sony and Nintendo haven't even scratched the surface with their toys. AR has potential to revolutionize not only games and simulations but normal life as well.

Here's a excellent video demonstrating what future of AR is about:

Best part is around 1:54 where AR has projected a TV, News feed, Calendar, live feed, Achievements(?) and simple User interface to his empty walls. Just think about how much less electronic waste we would have with this?

fathertime19802758d ago

For those comparing hololens's ar to ps cam, vita, and the 3ds you do realise that it's a completely different form of it or are you just not bright enough to know the difference between a screen and everything around you? Vr has been around for 30 years! Ar for a while, but not like that. Yes it needs to improve but your comparisions and logic on the subject are really clouded and are way more on the line of pure ignorance than anything else.

UnHoly_One2758d ago

Um, jmc8888, I think you missed the point about his split screen comparison.

People were complaining about no split screen because they like a social gaming experience in the same room.

Two people with VR headsets strapped to their heads that are completely cut off from the real world might as well be playing online because they won't be interacting with each other anyway.

LCEvans2758d ago

Hololense was announced like a year ago? it hasnt been given a release date? dont forget its a prototype and they will obv improve on the flaws. FFS whats wrong with you all!

raymantalk12758d ago

@ OldDude

sony does it first then MS do it and like a usual MS FANBOY that you are you claim they did it first and it is great, so why was it not great when sony did it, oh yeah its not on the console you like, grow up both machines have great hardware/software buy both and enjoy them equally.

creeping judas2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

@Rayman, just curious when did OldDude say that MS claimed AR first or that it was fantastic, and when did he say Sony's version of AR wasn't any good? Just curious as your rant against him doesn't make much sense?

Kribwalker2758d ago

Split screen gaming can already be done full screen each with LG 3D tvs. I have one, i use to use it for black ops 2 all the time as they even had the features built into the game

ShinMaster2758d ago

@ OldDude

""Of course it seems like a gimmick to you, MS is working on it, not Sony.""


Over 4 years ago:
And with just a phone:

DevilOgreFish2758d ago

Not shocked in the slightest. A majority Of Expos display "target" footage, and allow testers to test prototypes. it's not unusual for prototypes to display 50 or even 25% of a target. the testing industry exists to test and send feedback. I would be surprised if the target isn't reached on it's release.

zeuanimals2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

AR will be very important for non-gaming related things. It'll probably take the role of smartphones in a decade and it's practically a personal hologram hence the name "hololens" which I find to be much better than an actual hologram in some ways. Hololens will be augmented reality for an individual, holograms will be augmented reality that everyone else can see as well. I'd feel really awkward walking around with my virtual waifu Alison Brie if other people can see her too, though I'd feel awkward walking around with the hololens headset as well. Google Glass + Hololens = GOAT.

Google Glass + Hololens tech will be revolutionary if they can make it work really well, but I don't see what it can do for conventional gaming aside from putting portable gaming on a bigger virtual screen. That's a pretty big deal, but not as big a deal as feeling like you're actually in another world which VR is doing. AR would be cool for group games around a table like playing with Yu-Gi-Oh cards except with actual crazy stuff happening like in the show or they can even release a Jumanji style board game with much less dire consequences than the game in the movie, but that's a lot of processing power since you'd need multiple Hololens units. As a single-player device, I don't see much it would do for gaming aside from the aforementioned big screen for portable gaming.


Yup. People have been wanting VR for a long time, AR as well but in a different form that we probably won't see for a long time. I remember as a kid, I wanted VR to enter the anime worlds I was really invested in. It's almost a reality.

RomanPSX2758d ago

Yea? Have you personally tried it? Causu I try the ps vr and the pixelation its really bad ocolus its way better.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf2759d ago

You should me used to MS misleading. They do it with everything.

They completely faked all the original kinnect demos.

Gazondaily2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Well they aren't the only culprits in misleading people. I'm not going to get into the gutter game of naming and shaming though, particularly in my response to you.

"They do it with everything. "

No they don't.

tmh35932759d ago

Lmfao I swear every Microsoft related article I see you in and you're always trashing them. What's your issue? Do you ever read anything you're actually interested in?

MCTJim2758d ago

and we are used to you misleading, trolling and fake accounts that you bubble yourself up with. I see you are missing quite a few, why don't you go and bubble yourself up.

RocketScienceLvlStuf2758d ago


They do fake everything.

Even before the xbone release all there games where running on Nvidia PC's at 1080p with no framerate drops.

christocolus2758d ago


Ok -_-

BallsEye2758d ago

oh yes and Sony is a knight in shiny armor, always truthful especially with Killzone 2 CGI demo (clamed as gameplay), Killzone 4 reslution (was stated 1080p but was little above 720p) deep down cgi demos (claimed as gameplay), uncharted cgi demo (claimed as gameplay), Last Guardian, 50% more powah, driveclub day 1 playstation plus download (still waiting since launch of ps4)...ah I could go on...

MS did some dirty stuff back in the day as well, butwith XO they're pretty straight forward.

peshkavusCA2758d ago

@RocketScienceLvlStuf are you Disgruntles ex MS employee?

4Sh0w2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I think the FOV definitely needs improving, that said alot of the media who tried it noted this and were still blown away which means pics and vids arent anything close to what it looks like when you try it for yourself.

Although I understand from a marketing& promotional perspective videos always showcase what the end goal should look like for new tech gadgets but I think micorosft should go with a real hands on "actual" or "current" advertising of HoloLens just so its clear where the tech stands now which imo is still pretty amazing after less than a year.

warczar2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )


You might be right but at least Sony never released a console that they knew had like a 70% failure rate before the first one ever rolled off the assembly line. Don't take my word for it, read anything Dean Takahashi has written on the subject. If you can forgive Microsoft for that much dirty business than your a more forgiving individual than I.

sinspirit2758d ago


Demo? That trailer specifically stated target render.

KillZone: SF is 1080p. 1080p single player. 1080p multiplayer, but it uses temporal reprojection to make it easier so that it can stay a constant 60fps for online play.

What part of Deep Down is CGI?

Uncharted CGI? Really? Get over it. Anyone can insult something for looking to good just because you can't believe it. This isn't the middle ages. Don't picket it because you can't accept it's that good.

Last Guardian wasn't a lie. It's coming. Obviously, things changed. It happens.

DriveClub did get the PS+ edition just recently. Lol. You don't own a PS4 and you just further confirmed it.

How is MS straight forward? Almost everything presented is garnished, exaggerated, or faked to a degree. The only thing straight forward is their yearly game line up and how they again mislead others like they did with Kinect as they are with Hololens. It's blatantly there and in your face. Hate Sony. I don't care. But, don't try to flip it around and pretend Microsoft is your hero when they are not. They attempted to cover up for RRoD being their fault, it blew up in their face. They claimed to spend $1 billion on games to try and impress gamers, misleading because so much of it was spent on marketing and no the games themselves. When Zune was still in existence it had abysmal sales and they bundled its losses with other profitable software in their quarterly reports to mislead investors and the consumer market. Windows is just a mess they have been letting sit and slowly trying to fix. They promised more PC games probably a dozen times now. It's putrid. Even their attitudes were terrible and full of arrogance until recent years when everything was so clearly thrown back in their faces. They have a lot of work to do. But, marketing still appears to be their main concern.

DLConspiracy2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Perhaps this isn't tech to push xbox like so many are worried about. People are comparing it to Morpheus because we are on a gaming website and they showed One Minecraft game at E3. Have they ever out right said it's for Xbox One?

It's also mounted to a camera which is a single eye on a camera much smaller than someones head. Not defending this but let's keep in mind this is a Microsoft Commercial that they have released to the public. Seems like they included field of vision for a reason on this video. If they are releasing it then im not sure it's considered "misleading" as its still a prototype and not out on the market. Had they sold the thing without telling people sure.. I would be right there with pitchforks to crucify MS for existing with you and Cindy.

Sure would have been cool to play games without a field of vision but we still don't know much about it yet.

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Volkama2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

FOV may kill it as a gaming device, and almost certainly means it can't go toe-to-toe with VR in terms of immersion.

I think it is probably worth pointing out that a video like this doesn't really represent how your eyes and mind will perceive the narrowed view when the thing is strapped to your face though. That can't really be conveyed in a video, so until we wear the thing ourselves the best point of reference we have is the accounts of people that have that first hand experience.

2cents2758d ago

I agree.

the guys over at Tested did a really good job in discussing the FOV and many other aspects that some see as concerns.

I for one am sold, mainly because Maya 2016 will have native support for Hololens, so I can justify my purchase for work :)

And this from the devs of Elite Dangerous... "We've always wanted to support bleeding edge technologies," Matthew Gapper said. "At the moment we're supporting Oculus but the new HTC Vive headset would work really well with Elite and we're happy to work with Microsoft on the HoloLens system."

So much hate around Hololens :(

IamTylerDurden12758d ago

Yes but the ppl who tried it including this writer claimed it did kill immersion and destroyed the experience, it's the basis for his article. Obviously there is some truth in that.

The box clearly covers only about 1/2 of your fov, u literally see a box, ms was entirely misleading with their e3 presentation. Your entire world is not augmented, only a small visable box, ugh.

Volkama2758d ago

@Tyler the author is basing his opinion on the video in the article, he hasn't used the device himself.

Lots of people have though, and the FOV concern has been raised by them. I'm not saying it's not a problem, I'm just saying the GIFS aren't really representative of the experience any more so than the stage demo.

Mega242759d ago

There's room for improvement, technology will adapt, as history has taught us that. I don't see AR being a big hit on gaming, but can definitely see improving medicine and other fields.

lemoncake2758d ago

I am feeling the same. I am really interested in this tech but the limited field of view is not good enough and kills it for me atm. Seems to be pushing too many boundaries with current level of tech so maybe in a couple of years they can improve it without it having a massive price tag to get there.

its_JEFF2758d ago

The FOV does kill it, hard! I'm so ready for a wearable like MS shows in their videos... but I don't think the tech & $ match up right now. I think it would just be way to expensive to give us what they're showing in their videos.

I agree that those videos are misleading, but it's marketing... every company sells you on an idea, an ideal that they know they can't fulfill. I've come to expect it and only ever trust things that I've tested myself.

Trekster_Gamer2758d ago

Septic, PLEASE STFU and troll elsewhere. XBOX fans don't give a S about your lame comments!

Spotie2758d ago

Probably a little late to tell you Septic is a big Xbox fan, too, huh?

Bathyj2758d ago

Does this remind anyone else of the HUD in a Gunstar from The Last Starfighter?

Alex: Hey, where did it go?

Grig: It's still there, suspended in a Xenon mist. But it's only visible if you look dead ahead.

Alex: Ah. Got it.

Oh well, perhaps its just a Beta Unit.

Erik73572758d ago

It's not even for games.....

Bobby Kotex2758d ago

Imagine the stagnation in technology if everyone thought like you.

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TheLoCoRaven2759d ago

I didn't expect it to be good, but man this is worse than I expected. I thought for sure it was probably just journalists over-blowing the field of view situation.

Sonital2758d ago

The rule with anything MS is wait for at least gen 2 of any new product. I haven't seen anyone with a better product in the AR category so it's just a case of biding our time until it becomes useful.

Paleblood2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Kinect 2.0 was gen 2 and look what happened.

SegaGamer2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I read about it a while ago and it's something that has put me off the thing but i got shouted down for it on here.

The limited field of view is a massive drawback on the thing. You are basically looking through a square box.

This isn't me bashing a Microsoft product for the sake of it, i ain't no fanboy. I love the idea of this thing, but Microsoft should have been honest about it from the start. All of these ads making it look like you could view a whole room full AR objects was blatant false advertisement.

Rookie_Monster2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

It is still early in prototype development. Lets hope this fare better than the infamous Milo and Kate demo or that virtual Skateboard scanning demo of the Kinect infomercial.

jukins2759d ago

Tell me how looking at human anatomy differs from any other application? The fov will be the same. Seems like you fell for microsoft "demos" where a camera outside of the holo lens is showing you stuff instead of the actual hololens itself

Ron_Danger2759d ago

Totally agree, too bad he edited his comment. My biggest issue with hololense is the insane false advertising/ misrepresentation. Showing a video in 3rd person with the full "hologram" in front of the user in full display is crazy once you actually see the FoV image.

But then again this is coming from the same company that had actors in front of a screen "playing" Kinnect. I'll never forget the way the actors movements as Darth Vader were happening on screen before the actor did them.

stuna12759d ago

It tells enough that people can see Hololens is not representive of what was shown at E3. All one would have to do is look at how the top portion of the heart was cut off in the video.

I'm not saying the FOV can not be improved, but at this point in time it just seems like Microsoft is trying to use AR to try and steal the thunder from VR since they don't have there own VR solution. And no someone else's solution doesn't count, because it's not native to the Xbox brand.

tinynuggins2759d ago

Can you please explain how MS misrepresented the fov in the e3 demo? I remember seeing the minecraft world cut off on the sides where the fov ends did you not? If the field of view was full, you would have seen a giant world across the stage. If feel like it was represented fairly but maybe that's just because I was paying better attention and following the product more?

Ron_Danger2758d ago


Any time they show hololense from the 3rd person, it's misrepresented.

stuna12758d ago


You just proved the point I was making! The E3 demo showed a mid sized table replica of MineCraft, how big would you say your heart is!?

Volkama2759d ago

Pretty sure the lead engineer has already confirmed that the FOV won't change significantly from now to retail launch.

Still, it's interesting technology for many reasons. Even if it doesn't revolutionise gaming at first pass.

BlackTar1872758d ago

yea it's a great step. People get so upset and worked up over this stuff. if it's not what you want then don't buy it simple as that. if this doesn't do good the tech will be used to further advance something int he future. Steps towards progress.

iTechHeads2758d ago

It has nothing to do with gaming though. That's the biggest problem with how this thing is being demonstrated. It's not even related to the Xbox One in any way.

I don't know why people are even talking about this at all. Is it because Microsoft showed it at their E3 conference? Do people really get fooled that easily?

memots2758d ago

How about that Skittle demo ... rrrr... still gives me the shivers

Nicaragua2758d ago

Good Skittles.... Blortch

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_LarZen_2759d ago

People have been saying this for a while now regarding the field of view. But most people have just ignored and shut those messages down...

343_Guilty_Spark2759d ago

What does this video have to do with FOV? Absolutely nothing. Nice troll attempt to try to knock Hololens. From all the demoed I've seen Hololens at least yet won't give you the 100 inch field of view but it'll give something about the size of a decently sized coffee table. I'm excited to see its applications in STEM, Medicine l, Simulation, and Gaming.

Sketchy_Galore2759d ago

Calm your defensive tits, click the article and look at the highlighted gif. I'll admit I don't currently own an Xbox one but this technology really did excite me and I was really looking forward to seeing what could be done with it. After seeing this I'm beyond disappointed.

Aenea2758d ago

As much as I like the concept of the HoloLense (with an improved FOV) I never expected it to be usable on the Xbox One if I'm honest.

Could it be used for games? Yes, the Minecraft demo was fun to look at, but I think most uses are outside of gaming. And even if they make a cheaper model or something that's just for games in the future, what I've heard about the hardware is that it is a complete computer itself so the Xbox One is not going to be doing much to 'drive' it, hence why I think it will be more a PC thing and not a console thing.

I could be wrong though...

iTechHeads2758d ago

Xbox has nothing to do with Hololens. Why do people still not understand that? Oh right, Mkcrosoft showed a false demo at their E3 conference with Minecraft.