Why We Need Console Wars

Gamers may not want there to be console wars. But it’s something that we need for the industry to thrive.

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AngelicIceDiamond1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

So ppl should fight over consoles like children so the industry can continue to make money. Lets all give into overpriced or shady DLC practices crappy developed or underwhelming games that some of these devs are throwing at us. Lets all support whatever our fave console is doing no matte what it is.

Wow the industry will do JUST fine without the childish console fights. Impulse buying is what the arthur is getting at. Buy whatever Sony MS throws at us. Or whatever third party is releasing exclusive DLC on said fave console. It doesn't matter if its good DLC or bad DLC practice or not. just DO IT with out thinking so a bunch of childish gamers can prove a point...

Never admit when your fave company is wrong. either just brush it under the rug or blindly agree with whatever decision they make. OBEY just like MAD MAX main villain and his minions.

No I rather be a realist call each company out on their mistakes and praise them when they're doing right and keep going in that direction. That's how it should be. Getting emotionally attached to a girl, or guy, Your Dog or cat, is normal but to a machine? Seek help go outside do something because your not normal.

robinadventures1200d ago

I don't think that's what the author was saying. He didn't say anything about fanboys or to take sides in the console wars. He just said that because of all the competition, the companies that make the consoles invent/add new stuff.

raWfodog1200d ago

Actually, the author did say "We need gamers to be at each other’s throats regarding who has the better gaming system."

Although I don't believe that we necessarily need the raving, extreme side of the fanboy. But there's nothing wrong with friendly, respectful debates on the merits of your preferred system.

My goal, however, is to always own all available consoles so I don't have to worry about not being to play a game that I really want.

robinadventures1200d ago

So he did! I would love to own all consoles as well! That's the dream!

And yeah. I think there wouldn't be fanboys if everyone could buy all the consoles.

mikeslemonade1200d ago

Fanboyism got us most of the big annoucements at E3. IF there wasn't any "shouting" would we get Fallout 4 as quick, Doom, Shenmue 3, and Final Fantasy 7?

ArmrdChaos1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

You can have competition without making a war out of it. The corporate cheerleaders make it a war. The "dead" in their imaginary little conflict feed their fragile egos. It's nothing more than socially immature behavior.

iceman061200d ago

@ArmrdChaos...I agree...but the competition without the "taking sides" of the console wars doesn't allot the companies the free advertising of the fanboys or the over-the-top support that the fanboys provide. That's why the corporate structure feeds the "war" through media outlets, leaks, PR and talking heads, etc.

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rainslacker1200d ago

Console makers and publishers feed off the console wars. As annoying as they can be, they do get the products talked about. Sometimes it backfires, but more often than not it serves the purpose publishers need it to serve. The internet changed the way console wars played out, so now the companies have much less control over the information that gets out there. That's where things tend to go south for most companies.

The companies themselves aren't at each others throats.

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G3n3raL861200d ago

Console Wars? Play Nep-Nep and you're set!:)

uth111200d ago

They do add a level of energy and excitement to the industry, I'll give them that

skydragoonity1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I've been on the winning team since 1996 #sony #ps1234

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OldDude1200d ago

Actually if you have only owned PS I would argue the complete opposite. Every console (even the Wii) had/has amazing exclusives. So if you only own PS you have lost by missing out on amazing games. Also, if you go by sales last generation PS came in 2nd, not first so your statement would be inaccurate there as well. So I am glad your winning, then again so is Charlie Sheen and we have seen how that worked out for him.

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