Get a 14” statue of Faith in the Mirror’s Edge Collector’s Edition

The Collector's Edition for Mirror's Edge Catalyst has been revealed. Preorders open today at GameStop for $199.99 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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chaos9991198d ago

The statue is amazing. The price is terrible.

no thanks

xHeavYx1198d ago

I agree. I'll probably wait a couple months until the price goes down. I'm pretty sure this CE won't sell out.

SuperbVillain1198d ago

if that statue can do some special favors its worth it

mrbojingles1198d ago

Statute is sick, price is horrible. MGSV and Batman had statues (or an arm lol) for $99, $80 with BB GCU. If this was $130 I'd consider it, no reason for it to be double the price of recent LEs with statues.

chaos9991198d ago

DICE wants this game to flop in any way so they can blame the fans

Agent_00_Revan1198d ago

Quality makes a big difference in a statue. The Batman one is nice 'looking', but its still plastic. Same with my God of War Ascension statue, just cheap plastic.

However, I dont see Mirrors Edge as the kind of game warranting a high quality/price statue build.

LAWSON721198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Witcher 3 was $150, worth every penny. Statue was very high quality, very much unlike what you mentioned

TheLoCoRaven1198d ago

I liked the first Mirror's Edge but I really don't think games that are not an established franchise should have collectors editions. This is basically a reboot/re-imagining of a game that didn't sell well . . . so make a $200 collectors edition? Pfff.

-Foxtrot1198d ago

Totally agree

Have you seen the Division collectors edition. I mean jesus the IP isn't even established.

TheLoCoRaven1198d ago

Yea. Thats a joke too. From what I hear of that game it sounds like it might be too co-op MP focused for me. Like Evolve. I don't have 3-4 friends to play all these games with at the same time.

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The story is too old to be commented.