6 Innovative Horror Games that Never Made it Through Kickstarter

Rely on Horror: "Some campaigns attempt to raise money for a great game, one many people would certainly adore, but for one reason or another it just doesn’t meet its funding goal. It could be because of a lack of marketing and press coverage or maybe the developer themselves set their sights too high. This is a list of several great Kickstarter games that, sadly, never raised the money they needed."

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KryptoniteTail1196d ago

How horrible...I wish publishers would look at the stagnant Horror genre and then see these and pick them up.

phoenixwake1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

As sad as I am to say this, I'm okay with Shadow of the Eternals dying before it really happened. Aside from all the ickiness that is Denis Dyack's career as of late, the problems with Silicon Knights, the could-have-been-great-but-wasn 't disaster that was Too Human, and the crippling lawsuit that Denis's company lost against Epic Games, Shadows of the Eternal just didn't appeal in the same way as Eternal Darkness did.

Which is sad since Darkness was one of the greatest if not the greatest game of that generation, and really played the player in a way few other games could. The aesthetic style was serviceable but the overall theme seemed to be set in a stylized version of the late middle ages or so. With an obviously villainous villainess (with what looked like 3 lbs of hairspray) and the monsters they showed off were basically hedgehog monkeys. Nothing subtle about the trailer, all just in-your-face and all from one era.

The beauty of Eternal Darkess was its timelessness. You were stabbing ghouls with ancient Roman swords one moment, then blasting Lovecraftian monsters the next with an assault rifle. I particularly love the spell puzzles, as they were both imaginative and compelling. Not going to spoil anything as I would recommend anybody to give that game a go for the experience again, but I will say that the "Pargon" scene seriously gave me chills.

I didn't see any of that kind of inspiration in this kickstarter game, and after being stuck with disappointment and controversy, I gotta say I can't really trust Dyack and his team anymore until I see him make a good game and release it.