Final Fantasy Box Set 2 (FFX, FFX2, FFXII): Official Game Guides release date and other details

The first details, including the release date, have been listed for the upcoming Final Fantasy Box Set 2 (FFX, FFX2, FFXII): Official Game Guides.

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_-EDMIX-_1195d ago

Where the hell is that FFXII HD PORT DAMN IT?!

MoveTheGlow1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I hope they wouldn't just port it. They have some serious work to do on filling in the narrative gap between Doctor Cid and the Bahamut, fleshing out the rival nation they brushed over with two minor characters, and fixing how summons (useless) and quickenings (OP) work. Also, they could finally add the airship battles they were planning on from its inception (hence the named airships that you did nothing with except a dungeon crawl or two).

Dat soundtrack tho. Hitoshi Sakimoto is king. And gambits! I loved programming my allies!

Sly-Lupin1195d ago

...The "narrative gap" that needs some filling in is too wide to be called a gap. Pretty much everything up to the Dynast-King's Tomb is fantastic, and then pretty much everything afterward is threadbare (at best).

Skate-AK1195d ago

I hope we hear about a patch to fix the RNG and audio problems on FFX-FFX-2 Remastered for PS4. Only reason I haven't bought the game yet.

DarkBlood1195d ago

Got the first set coming in today, looking forward to obtaining this as well.