Dragon Quest Builders details protagonist, story, and gameplay

Jump this week has first details on Dragon Quest Builders, Square Enix’s newly announced block-making RPG for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita.

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joeorc1195d ago

That looks pretty nifty..will get this.

breakpad1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Minecraft on Vita is very successful in Japan ..and this is a better looking game, more appealing and far more wanted for japanese as it is DQ ...its probably guarantee success in Japan at least

miyamoto1195d ago

DQ Builders looks like 3D Dot Game Heroes + Minecraft + Disney Infinity + Lego Worlds to me.

3-4-51195d ago

* This doesn't really sound that much like Minecraft.

It sounds more like 70% RPG + 30% Minecraft.

* This could lead to completely different playthroughs for all of us with this game though, as my castle or town could be different looking or in a different location than yours.

* Really interested to see what they do with this, but what is really great is if they are making this, they are almost definitely making more new normal Dragon Quest games as well.

-Foxtrot1195d ago

Seriously it might be copying Minecraft in some ways but if they take their time and make it the best they can by filling it full of content it could be better.

I mean lets be honest Minecraft is lacking stuff which could have been in the game years ago. We're just getting dual wielding and shields now.

LazerShark1195d ago

Lame, no 3DS version? Sony must be wheelin and dealin. Oh well, I'll probably get in on my PS4. Don't feel like getting a Vita, unless it falls below $100.

Too bad, really wanted this on a portable too.

MegaRay1195d ago

Vita has alot of great games. I can list 100 great games. If you like portable gaming and japanese games, you must have one.
(And judging by your disagrees, i say lot of people agrees with me :D)

Kal-V31195d ago

I would suggest the same. It's totally worth it getting a Vita if you can.

LazerShark1195d ago

I have no interest in it ATM, I may if it falls to $100 or below.

I pride myself at being a real gamer, and own all the current gen consoles save for XBONE and Vita.

Those two don't really interest me at the moment, and at their price points.

Lucreto1195d ago

Sounds interesting,

I hope we get this

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