Blue Dragon Review

Anticipation for this title has been huge, with pre-orders selling out across Japan. Now we see why - Twilight Princess isn't the only classic RPG released this Christmas. Here's why you should be excited for Blue Dragon's English-language release in 2007.

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marcusfenix4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

First 1080p game and it isn't basketball or tennis. It is a georgeous game that will actually tax the hardware. LOL The PS3 is weak. The first real next-gen game running in 1080p and it is on the 360, and it is a killer app. Has anyone seen the water effects in this game? By far the best I've seen beside in gears of war.

specialguest4331d ago

if you're gonna be a fanboy and bash the PS3, at least be a smart one...*ahem* like The Mart. Ridge Racer 7 runs at 1080p and 60FPS and it's been out since luanch. also, Lair is the first "real" game to be presented at 1080p.

marcusfenix4331d ago

Blue Dragon is released NOW! I will have it in January, when wil you have Lair? Beside RR7 isn't a graphical showcase anyway, it doesn't even look as good as PGR3. Lair probably won't be 1080p when it is released when it can;t even run NBA 2k7 at a decent framerate at 1080p.

TheMART4331d ago

You need to read better, special one, I expect more *ahem* from such a smart gamer. He says:

"The first REAL next gen game"

And that's what he's right about. RR7 was even worse then RR6 on 360 from a year ago. So that one doesn't count.

Liar isn't out yet.

THe 360 and Blue Dragon is the first next gen game combo doing 1080p like it should be.

If you want it. Not for me 720p is fine for most of us.

specialguest4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

RR7 is not a REAL next gen game? how do you measure what's real next gen and what's not? aside from the tennis and basketball game?

is it the size of the game? no one knows how big the game is. is it the texture? cus Blue Dragon doesn't have hardcore texture. tell me how do you decide?

so it has to be taxing on the hardware for it to be a REAL next-gen game huh? are you a developer? how do you know what's which game is taxing on the hardware or not. for all we know, BD could be either taxing or not so taxing. your arguement of whats a REAL game doesn't hold up.

Antan4331d ago

Come on Mart, thats a very childish thing to say, your better than that.

Anyway Ill defo pick this up when it lands in the UK! From a music point of view, and being a fellow composer myself also, its great to see Mr Uematsu getting some really positive comments. ANYONE who played FF7 (as an example)can appreicate what this guy can do. Very memorable melodies indeed. Looking forward greatly.

4331d ago
marcusfenix4331d ago

And over 50+ hours of gameplay. It is getting high reviews in Japan. I guess since pc games are on multiple discs that makes them cheap and crappy? Get a life and a 360, maybe you will seem more mature.

Boink4331d ago

any game that scored lower than the crappy RR6 on the 360 LAST YEAR. cannot be considered a next gen game, regardless of what resolution it runs on.

Arkham4330d ago

I can't find any sources to confirm that this game is rendered natively 1080p rather than just being upscaled/outputted to 1080p. Can you give me a link?

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MicroGamer4331d ago

isn't as big as you think if you are sitting at normal tv viewing distance. Unless you have a really large screen and sit right up close, you probably won't notice a huge difference between the two. 720p is going to be good enough for most people and the tv's are cheaper.

InMyOpinion4331d ago

Most games look good on regular 480p as well, you don't HAVE TO play in Hd to experience the next gen graphics. Anyways...Does anyone know how long Blue Dragon lasts? Is it 50+ hrs or what? They never seem to mention this.

kewlkat0074331d ago

Final Fantasy 7 changed my views of JRPG's and I said I would never touch them, but after playing that game, which had a good story, graphics(for its time), and music, I was hooked. Even more so on RPG music Scores...with the likes of

Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy 7
Yasunori Mitsuda - Crono Trigger
Hideaki Kobayashi - Phantasy Star (dreamcast)
Koji Kondo - Legend of Zelda
Hitoshi Sakimoto - Breathe of Fire V

and Others.. So yeah I want this game.

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