The Best Games of the First Half of 2015 – From Batman to Bloodborne, It’s Been a Great Start

The first half of 2015 has seen some amazing games hit shelves and we pick a few of our absolute favourites. We’ve covered dark and punishing, light-hearted and fun, visceral and gory, and a few games that’ll kick you right in the feels. Have a look.

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MilkMan1196d ago

No, it really hasn't. These games have been few and far apart. Retrospective view is a hell of a thing.

Digital_Anomaly1195d ago

Honestly, and this is just an opinion of course, I've had tons to play and a lot more than just the games mentioned here. I guess it all depends on what you like to play but I have pretty varied tastes so I've found lots of games in almost every genre to have fun with.

ninsigma1196d ago

Bloodborne, ori and the blind forrest and witcher 3 are my favourite games for this year so far. All very different but all very good :D

AntiZeal0t1195d ago

Haven't played Ori yet but I've only heard good things. I'll probably pick it up before the Live Summer Sale ends.

ninsigma1195d ago

It's just great to have such a solid platformer again. That and its brilliant story setting along with its great looks. You won't be disappointed :)

joab7771195d ago

Bloodborne and TW3 are 2 of my all time favorite games already, and I got the gold Zelda cartridge for Christmas when I was very young.

ninsigma1195d ago

Bloodborne was just on another level from what I expected. So much mystery. It's setting was refreshing as well. The game play was so good. The greatest thing about it is that it never felt like the game was ever too cruel. It's hard but it is extremely fair which I wasn't expecting. If you died, you know it was you who screwed up by doing something stupid, not the game being cheap. That made it more enjoyable and really pushed me to master it.

psplova1196d ago

It's been an unbelievably awesome time to be a gamer, that's for SURE! I've been trying to balance my time between 3 awesome @$$ games -The Witcher 3, Batman AK, and Bloodborne - and it's been quite tuff for me who doesn't get a lot of time to play games anymore. : (

psplova1196d ago

I disagree with any disagrees I get.

etownone1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Need a new game.....

Bloodbourne or The Witcher 3.

Hanso1196d ago

Get Bloodborne thank me later

BiggerBoss1195d ago

I prefer Bloodborne for its incredible combat, but The Witcher 3 cant be beat as an RPG. Just get whichever appeals to you more and when you finish be sure to get the other one;)

xiorath1195d ago

Witcher 3 > Bloodbourne in everything but combat

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Hellsvacancy1196d ago

It sucks that this year has been one of the best years for gaming but it's also turned out to be one of the worst years of my life

Basically, enjoy things whilst you can, Mr Bad News could potentially be right around the corner

Sorry to be the bringer-downer

etownone1194d ago

I feel you bro. Sometimes you gotta vent.

We've all been there. Some much worse then others.

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The story is too old to be commented.