The Sad Decline Of Local Multiplayer

It will always be more fun to antagonise or work with someone if they are sitting next to you - not miles away talking through a headset.

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DanJenkoFMV1195d ago

Have some great memories of local multiplayer as recently as Call of Duty: World at War. Hope it lives on through this generation of consoles.

shodan741195d ago

4-player splitscreen deathmatch on GoldenEye has to rank among my favourite gaming experiences of all time - along with passing the control pad back and forth, and trading good natured jibes/insults, while playing Worms with a friend during the PlayStation era.

Online play is cool, sure, but there's something really special about getting a bunch of people together in a room and playing competitive and co-op games that just can't be equalled.

Rimeskeem1195d ago

Split screen will always have a special place in my memories.

Master-H1195d ago

I really miss the 4 player split screen from the older CoD games. Sure it made the frame rate go to shit, but it made the game much more enjoyable with friends.

Sirk7x1195d ago

People hardly even fucking talk to each other in real life anymore; This should be no surprise to anyone.

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