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Rocket League is a title that every true videogame lover should try, thanks to its explosive gameplay and a practically non existent price point, since it's on PS Plus. This year's GOTY contender? We'll see!

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PlayableGamez1195d ago

Great game guys... If you have plus and a PS4, it is mandatory that you get this game... I love this game! It's fun, keeps you smiling, and simple yet original. And when you make your first goal, it is a rewarding feeling..
We need more wacky sport games like these... Rocket League is a breath of fresh air.

1195d ago
Silly Mammo1195d ago

Thought I'd check out this game for a couple of minutes to see what it was all about. My son and I ended up playing it for about 2 hours.

Very fun game!

Angeljuice1195d ago

It has a real 90's old school feel to the gameplay, like an updated Amiga title. Very cool.

Becuzisaid1195d ago

Is the overheating issue fixed? I downloaded it but don't want to part til I know it's good to go.

1195d ago
the_mack_attack31195d ago

If you're still having issues with the overheating, just tilt the analog up on the main menu so only the top of the car is visible, this will stop the fans going into overdrive as the background isn't visible.

Angeljuice1195d ago

There's a HUGE update to download (mandatory for online play), so I would hope it's fixed!

NeonEnigma1195d ago

Played all last night with a buddy and my ps4 was fine and didnt overheat. . The game is so much fun and the fact that it has couch co op makes it even better.

sprinterboy1195d ago

Awesome game,runs smooth as butter. No over heating issues my end

BlackTar1871195d ago

Game is a fricken Blast.

veryone should try it. Sign on and play online and maybe we can play each other. BlackTar is my PSN

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The story is too old to be commented.