Looking Forward To The Summer Lull in Game Releases

Mike explains why having no new game releases any time soon sounds a-okay to him.

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callumjack1195d ago

It's a merciful break, to let me attempt to finish Witcher 3 and Batman before September drops MGS5

shocked6861195d ago

There really is nothing this summer. I'll finally get the time to beat the witcher

ninsigma1195d ago

Been looking forward to it as well. I finished witcher two days ago (freaking great game) and am waiting to get batman cheap or get a lend off friends. Went straight into the back log last night and finished off never alone. I think then it's on to the metro remaster. I've also go the unfinished Swan still sitting on the hard drive and styx currently downloading. Also, is the vanishing of ethan carter out next week??

mrbojingles1195d ago

I don't know if people just choose to ignore good games or what.

6/23 Batman, 7/7 Rocket League, 7/14 GOW III Remaster, 7/21 Journey PS4, 8/4 Rare Replay, 8/11 Everybodys Gone to the Rapture, 8/25 Gears Remaster, 8/25 Until Dawn, 9/1 MGSV, Mad Max, 9/8 Tearaway Unfolded, 9/15 Mighty No 9, Destiny Taken King

Doesn't seem like a boring summer, especially considering Splatoon and Witcher 3 kicked it offin late May

bmwfanatic1195d ago

I agree summer is packed this year. Plus I am sure some more indies are gonna drop on all systems before summers end.

MPScrimshaw1195d ago

Half of these games are just old games with "better" graphics (particularly insulting given some of the games are like 2 years old).

I wouldn't count Destiny, either Gears of War, Journey, or Rare Replay as "new" releases. (Although I am sort of psyched for Rare)

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