A Superman Game - This is How You Do It

Can a good Superman video game exist? Josh Miller of uses his knowledge of Superman to argue that it is possible.

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stuna11199d ago

Nice writeup! Your ideas definitely have merit. Conveying Superman vulnerabilities have always the killing blow when it comes to video game iterations of Superman.

ArchangelMike1198d ago

The article completely avoided the single biggest hurdle that needs to overcome to have a good Superman game - the fact that can fly.

This single mechanic necessitates a massive open world game, both vertically and horizontally. Heck you practically need a game the size of an MMO like DCUO - but without any boundaries or invizible walls.

Ezz20131198d ago

You know ?!
as much as i hate the game (Superman Return)

They made the flying in that game really good and i really loved flying as him in that game

I have tons of ideas about making amazing Superman game..but who would listen?! :(

SilentNegotiator1199d ago

It's great to see people talking about this. As a Superman fan (well...maybe not the modern Superman), I would love to see more developers take a crack at a good Superman game.

I want to see the game not be 100% combat, myself. Some clever missions involving Clark, Mxyzptlk, etc would be awesome.

SilentNegotiator1199d ago

And some QTE parts with bosses would be fine (Maybe something like this before regular combat or afterwards to finish it - ), but I would rather see developers get more creative than that with combat.

fanboysmackdown1199d ago

I mentioned it before and I'd like to see a Superman game go truly open world, the earth as the whole map. Superman has to decide to save people from a burning building in Paris or save people from a tsunami in Indonesia or an earthquake in California meanwhile he's battling his enemies who are either starting the chaos or are involved in other sprees. He can only be in one place at one time so he has decisions to make on who to save and which arch villain is causing the most chaos.

DragoonsScaleLegends1199d ago

Not possible to make a good open planet Superman game without a huge budget and great developer.

fanboysmackdown1199d ago

Whose to say it isn't How big of a budget do you think No Man's Sky is? If developers can make that game happen whose to say a developer like Rocksteady or Rockstar for that matter can't make it happen? Anyway, it's my wish and feel free to dream up your own creation of the game.

UltraNova1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Just imagine Superman in No mans sky universe...the Earth, as the games setting doesn't seem quite big and impossible now does it?

Metropolis can be meticulously created serving as the hub that connects all procedural created cities, countries, continents etc.

I think, should they properly utilize Sups abilities the Earth should be the setting for the 1st game then expand into the universe as necessary, just like in the Arkham series.

Two key words though, destructibility and flying mechanics, get them right WB.

DragoonsScaleLegends1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

You think creating a game that generates itself cost the same as designing a world in detail? Making a Superman game is just as possible as any other open-world super hero game but are there any publishers/developers out there willing to fund a game that's never been profitable in the past.

fanboysmackdown1198d ago

So you're a developer? No Man's Sky is a new ip, how do you think that one's being funded and how many risks is that developer taking? Back to superhero games, when was there a profitable Batman game before Rocksteady came around and took the risk? Just because you don't think it can happen doesn't mean there isn't a good idea out there to make a Superman game work. Like I said before, where's all your big ideas or are you just here to criticize?

DragoonsScaleLegends1198d ago

If it's just open-world(1 City) and has the same budget as Batman Arkham Knight it would be very possible to make a good Superman game but you are talking about making it open-planet which I don't think would make a good Superman game with the budget it will probably get. Basically all modern triple a games are short budgeted and ripped apart and I think they will do the same to a Superman game that they don't have trust in making a profit. Which sucks since Superman is my favorite comic book character and I want a good game with him.

WizzroSupreme1199d ago

Say what you will about Man of Steel, but it sure did look like the closest thing we could get to a kick-butt Superman vs. Zod game.

ArchangelMike1198d ago

I really don't understand all the hate for Man of Steel. I absolutely loved that movie.